Tuesday, March 9, 2010


welcome home pootruck!

it's SO nice to have a best friend back.

(but another one leaves for two years in about 6 weeks. boo!)

ps. now THIS is how my hair should always look lol.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Wow, I didn't blog for all of February. Naughty self.
Thanks to my friend Matt for reminding me of this failure. I do have half an excuse.
I have no laptop cord at the moment, an uh, two laptops but no cord = a lot less computer time!
It's actually been ok in a way, because I can waste a whole night online doing not a whole lot, but having to borrow my brothers computer means I get things done quick! But it's meant no blog posts, I've missed it!

Feb was a bit of an up and down month for me. Feeling very apprehensive about the one year anniversary of Simon's death that looms on March 26. Also FINALLY got called by the police to make my statement about his death. (did u know they investigate all suicides? i never did)
so that got me really upset - it's almost a year later, how stressful to have to bring it all up again.

Something very very awesome happened though. Pat is home!!! YAY. Got one of my best friends back!! so happy about that :D

One of my other best friends Matt is having a karaoke 21st in a couple of weeks. (ew i've mentioned him twice in once post, he's going to get a big head) I think I came across a great song to sing! great as in old and cheesy, as it should be right? does anyone have a karaoke song they always sing?

What's coming up in March?

Matt's birthday. Liza's birthday. Simon's anniversary. My birthday! Lady Gaga concert :D

That's about it for now. I don't even have any photos to post as it's too annoying right now to connect up my hard drive etc etc. Technical difficulties drive me crazy!