Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catch up

On a few outfits I've worn lately...

Yep let's do the photo in the carpark after a movie. We saw Yes Man. We all liked it!

Cardi - Cotton On
T-shirt - Jay Jays
Silver dress (underneath) - Tempt
Striped dress/top - Jay Jays
Tights - ??
Boots - ?? Wittner or something. I adore them!!
Pink heart necklace - Supre. been worn to death!

Hiding! Out for a day shopping

Black T - Dotti
Tie Dye dress - thrifted! cotton on are selling a top/dress in the same colours. suffer, i got it for $4 haha.
Shorts - Kmart
Sandals - Cotton On

This was going with Mum to take Jorja to her grandparents house an hour or so away.

Cardi - Cotton On (getting a bashing eh!)
Black top - Jay Jays
Stripey T - Billabong
Shorts - Kmart
Leggings - Supre
Shoes - shop at Pac Fair, QLD

This was out to dinner for a friends 21st. Excuse the ridiculous expression, I was giving Simon some instruction! I love the shoes I'm wearing here. Green wedges. Need a photo of the back to see why they're so cute.

Cardi - Cotton On
Top - heidi&seek
Jeans - Gripp
Shoes - Target

and there you have it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is similar to when my favourite restaurant who made the BEST spring rolls in the world closed down. These spring rolls were not like a conventional one. I don't like normal ones, similar to curry puffs.. that odd meat. My gosh they were yum, my favourite treat in the whole world. Can you imagine how crushing it is to know you'll never have them again? OUCH.

Sooo... where on earth has Crispix cereal gone???? the original honey flavour ( i don't like actual honey haha) yellow box. I can't find them at the Safeways in my area... or the Woolworths. Will never call them Woolworths tsk tsk.

Can anyone help?!?!?!!??! DISASTER.

The food gods are against me.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've jumped on the Twilight bandwagon. Very late I know, but I'm not one to jump on things straight away generally. It took until it was very talked about for my interest to spark.

I was lent the first book (thanks again Hayley!) and read it in 3 days. I really, really enjoyed it.
Considering how much it was about describing how in love Bella is with Edward, and repeated the effect he had on here a lot, I didn't find myself tiring of reading it. I really liked the characters, particularly the Cullen family.. (of course, as they are the most interesting.. being vampires and all.)

So then I decided to see the movie. I was warned that it was terrible. So I went in with my hopes low, and also with the book fresh in my mind - I was ready to judge the transition harshly.

I certainly would not call it terrible - it didn't compare to the books in my opinion. It was still entertaining and worth seeing. My friend Josh who watched it really enjoyed it, and we went straight to Borders to buy the book for him. So I guess it is different depending on if you've read the book or not. The things I said were lacking, Josh said he thought were there.

This is what I liked about the movie:

I really liked the casting of James, he was suitably creepy.

And also Jacob, very cute.

It moved at a quick pace, which I guess is a good thing, particularly for those who haven't read the book.

The Carlisle family were very good. Nikki Reid from Thirteen (one of my fave movies) was a nice surprise to see there, playing Rosalie.

I thought the graduation cap artwork at the Cullen house was funny (not in the book)

I liked the baseball scene mostly. Although they should've been miles more apart for more effect.

Jessica was funny and annoying and perfect.

This is what I thought the flaws in the movie were:

Although Bella and Edward are in love, not once does Bella describe (like in the book) just how ferocious and consuming her love for Edward is. How were heart stops when he touches her. How just looking at him takes her breath away. Yes they were in love, but it didn't seem to go beyond a normal love, when in the book it was a crazy, deep, passionate, longing love.

There wasn't the chemistry between B & E I thought there should have been. There was no gentle teasing, getting angry at each other, it was lacking oomph.

I didn't like Bella. I would say that is a big problem. I think she is a good protagonist in the book, she is definitely likeable. I don't think she is likeable in the movie. She delivers her lines as if she's confused, half asleep and indignant almost all of the time. She's not articulate at all. She's too huffy and annoying. And her manly voice didn't work for me.

They didn't develop the characters well. Bella was simply a girl who moved to Forks. You got that she was clumsy... and that's about it. Edward was played really well by Robert Pattison I thought, but Edward still didn't have the diverse personality he has in the book.

I also couldn't believe the cheesy sound effect when Edward sparkled in the sunlight - as if! It was so not necessary - so lame.

Keeping in mind though, the movie doesn't have to be the same as the book. I must remember that. I still enoyed it. How could I not.. have you seen how nice Robert Pattison is to look at?

Yes I've well and truly been bitten by the bug for Twilight. Terrible pun, sorry.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tip #1

So I said in my very first entry that this blog may contain ideas for around the home... Since you know, owning a home for 8 months makes me an expert.

I bought a book today called Spotless. It has a follow up titled How To Be Comfy (which I bought first) by Shannon Lush and Jennifer Flemming. (good names!)

Spotless tells you how to get just about ANY stain off ANY fabric/item. It's unbelievable the stuff you can fix. So I thought I'd share the tip on getting the 'musty' smell out of items, predominate in clothes/material you might buy from op-shops/secondhand.

Problem: Musty smell on clothes.
What to use: Teabag.

How to apply: The musty smell is caused by dust mites and mildew. To get rid of it, put a tea bag into the washing machine after the water has filled, but before it starts agitating. (moving around) Hold the bag in the water for 2 minutes then remove. The tannins in the tea kill dust mites. If you suffer dust mite allergy, keep a damp tea bag in a plastic bag in your handbag to sniff when you're in second-hand stores. It will stop you from sneezing.

There you have it. I hope someone finds that helpful. I know I will anyway.

These books are gold, really.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Why not..

land here's an outfit thrown in for good measure

t - dotti
dress - heidi&seek
jeans - gripp (clearance woo)
sandals - kmart


I'm new to this decorate a house thing but I definitely enjoy it.
We've made black, red and silver our colours in the lounge room.
(when I say we, I mean I. Simon has minimal say on the decorating. And I have minimal say on the outside. Good agreement!)

Anywho, just some pics of my favourite little decorating purchases...
all in the lounge rom

the pattern on our mirror. half price yeah baby.

I love this 'holey' vase. cooler in person

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Little improvements make me happy. The time is correct on my blog! I was outraged when my first post for 2009 was dated December 31st, 2008. I'd forgotten to fix it. All done now!

These are another of my favourite shoes. Also silver flats. Fully sequinned! From a random shop at Pacific Fair in QLD. On a side note our bus driver from motel to shops was hilarious. She spoke to everyone over the speaker saying such random things as 'there's macky wackys on the left for all your hangover needs' (McDonalds) and called Pacific Fair 'Packy Wacky'.. then she gave out buy 1 get 1 free coffee cards for a cafe in the centre... what a champ! If only more people you come across just briefly were so cheery and able to put a smile on your face.

oh yes, the shoes.

boo. these kind of photos always bring up a problem in the background. This one being that the wall behind the shoes needs a touch up paint job. lol.


our first xmas tree :)

This is how I spent my Christmas.. I love this time of celebration!!

Christmas Eve was spent at Mum and Gary's (stepdad) house with Gary's family. Dinner was super yum.. all the usual Christmas delights.. I put so much on my plate and usually wouldn't get close to finishing (the old 'eyes are bigger than the belly' thing) but this year I stayed committed and finishing the whole damn plate. and it was fantabulous.

Up at 7.10 am for presents! Jorja is 6, so gets uber excited about Santa and all the jazz, so Christmas morning is always fun.

Then down to Warrnambool for Xmas with all my family.. Nick and I got confused by the new Geelong bypass roads and decided we were going the wrong way when we weren't and wasted an hour and a half and screamed at each other.. but we got there in the end!

So Dad's family is HUGE.. he is one of eleven. And there are 30 grandkids
As Dad's family is so huge you never get to see everyone, but we did pretty well this year! I think we actually saw all of our aunties and uncles! Christmas is always spent their with lots of conversation and competitiveness in games, particularly with the males. Always cricket and handjacks. And cards too this year.

Dinner at Nan's was great. We all went nuts blowing blowers and popping poppers at the dinner table. Our guts were hurting from all the laughing! I love wearing the silly paper hats and how atrocious the jokes from the poppers are. We stayed in Warrnambool until the 29th staying with Nan. A good mini break.

Merry Christmas!