Saturday, December 13, 2008


Managed to get a few xmas pressies today. Dad, Karen, Tyler and Ebony hooray! That's my Dad & stepmum and 2 half (never say that, but better this once for explaining sake) siblings. I also got myself some tops yay. And upgraded my phone!! It's a new Sony Ericsson.. I love it!

This is what I wore today. Not terribly exciting but I liked it. I'd just got out of the shower, so no head today haha.

Cardi - Supre
Top - Jay Jays
Shorts - Target
Shoes - random shop i can't remember

These are my shoes. one of my faves. Skulls again!

Friday, December 12, 2008


My darling friend Liza knows my heart. Toddler socks with skulls! Bless.

How unreal are they!!!
Thanks love :)



Simon just brought home the apple to end all apples. i like my apples green and crunchy only.
aka granny smith. i tried to take a photo to show just how massive it is... it's the biggest i've ever seen, by far!!

random enough for ya?

You're odd.. and so are your socks

This post may just blow your mind it is that interesting.
I coloured up my day with odd socks at work. i love colourful socks. especially worn odd.

HURRAY. These shoes made too much noise on the concrete floor of the storeroom though. Converse better.

*title of post is an actual Simon quote. What a hoot!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jump shot, I'm joining in... *

So Cotton Socks and Couch Shopper (two neat blogs I stumbled upon, a bf & gf team I believe) have put the challenge out to post a jump shop.
very cool idea, kudos.

It just so happens I have one from a long time ago I will post! I think it was 2005 even. Old as. This is evidenced by my short hair and very skater clothing lol. The secret to getting a good jump shot me and my friend finally discovered when we weren't quick enough with our average camera, is to get a run up. Then you have time whilst running to snap the photo. Genius.

* I don't usually obscure my face, i just look so hideous here I had to. Super skinny (back then) + jumping = face not look so attractive.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008



I love those moments when you think "Oh my gosh, I remember them/those/that!"

I've been wanting to do this post for a while, so gathering things in my brain.. but I've forgotten some, I'll add them when I remember!

I'm 22 so these memories aren't really from yesteryear or anything haha...

Remember getting a Coke yo-yo? Everyone knew they were the best.

Jelly shoes - my first and only pair $4. awesome.

Slap bands

Blowing bubbles.. always makes me happy

Playing on the swings.. with the monkey bars in the middle to hang and flip from

Pedal pushers - I used to love them so much when they 'came out' in Warrnambool where i grew up - i would point at anyone wearing them and shriek 'pedal pushers!!' the denim were the coolest. When i got my black (not denim) pair.. i was SO HAPPY.

Being jealous of kids with broken arms who got out of handwriting

Collecting crayon sharpening remnants because they were so cool!

Wearing socks over leggings. Especially scrunchy ones.

Skants - pants with the matching skirt over the top. The epitomy of cool, once.

Bending paper clips into hearts and wearing them in the 'V' of your school jumper

Butterfly hair clips. At least 10 in a messy bun.

For more things to giggle at, read Lady Smaggle's post...
When you were 14 years old.. what fashion item would you have sold your soul for?

One of my favourite blogs to spend time reading!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Coloured Tights

Cardigan - Jay Jays
Singlet - free from a magazine
Skirt - Cotton On
Tights - Cotton On
Shoes - Target ($10!)

One of my fave things to wear. I wear leggings and tights a lot. My pink and purple ones are my favourite. I have just been given the idea from other blogs (a fair few actually!) to wear two pairs at a time..

I've put black underneath the purple and pink pairs. It's good because it takes away the skin colour coming through like you can see in the photo above. Compare that to how they look in this post. Much more of a block colour.
And it's very warm! Which isn't so great when you're dancing up a storm at Bang.. but a big plus at other times. So when winter rolls around again, I'll be ready with multiple pairs of tights!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

random facts

I am 22 and super clucky. i don't want kids yet but I'm super excited about when it happens. I have bought baby clothes already.. I'm a shocker! i just lloooovvee babies.

I get REALLY annoyed at terrible drivers. I mean really, stay in your lane, it's not that hard!

Time seriously goes four times as fast when i'm on my laptop. I'll think I've been on here for maybe half an hour... and get a bit of a shock when I look at the clock!

Thought I'd upload one of my favourite ever photos.. of me and Jorja my sister.. she is SO beautiful. inside and out.