Sunday, October 26, 2008


Red hair worked! Verrrry cool colour, I love it. Will try to post a photo.

thumbs up: my new red patch of hair! and excitement for our housewarming.
thumbs down: hm nothing atm, yay!


attempting to bleach my own hair currently.. sitting here waiting for the 20 minutes developing time. it's quite warm in there under the foil! I'm pretty hopeless with this stuff, who knows how it will turn out! liza did it for me last time so if it's needs touching up i will call on her! if it works fairly well i plan on having a lovely red patch of hair next. i've done pink and purple and loved them both. the purple lasted ages! so now red. i have a feeling the red won't last that long.. also it's not fudge paintbox it's wakk. ouch the bleach is burning a bit! haha.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I don't really have that much to say today... I got my dress from etsy wooo.
it's pretty cool! It may be a bit big in the skirt part but i'll try to figure that out.
all in all it's very cute. so tonight is one of those nights were we had 1-3 plans and
ended up doing none of them. 1. was to dye our hair (me and simon i'm talking about here)
2. maybe check out new shoppo or 3. watch a movie.
real night? simon sleeping on the couch (which is good, he really needs the sleep, stressful week.. and he'd be comfy, our couch is the bomb) and i'm on the laptop! that's ok tho.. got a big weekend coming up so glad for the rest.
I really need a haircut.. i think it's been 5-6 months since i've had one whhhew. My hair has grown a crapload. it was this short
And that's actually probably with an inch of growth...
now it's nearly as long as it's ever been.. it's been nipple length roffle. so
nearly there. i usually get too annoyed by long hair and chop it to shoulder length but i'm persevering this time. gonna grow it as long as possible to experience it, say h'hey my hair is mega long' and then chop it probs for good. i think shoulder-ish length is good. although if I could rock hair like pink's, that would be so great.
also, hurry up and wash out purple, i want red now!!!
gosh enough about hair perhaps.
first photo upload how excitement, wonder what it will look like.
also, gonna have a garage sale. if you wanna get rid of some shit, combine and sell!
we're selling a heap of clothes.

thumbs up: simon's sausage rolls.. good job bebe,
thumbs down: house envy.. haha. all in good time Hailz.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Had far too many late nights in a row! last nite i went to see my fave band simple plan. [haters laugh now.. and end]
i had a freakin sweet time, I was quite close to the front. Pretty proud to say I was definitely enjoying it the most of the people around me.. I can jump quite high when i want to evidently. And I defintely knew the most words.. old and new songs.. tsk tsk if you didn't. Also, being in the 'mosh' is a very interesting lesson in people and their habits. For example, don't push right up to the front rudely if you didn't stay there and wait. Anyone who tried to shove past me met with my back and strong resistance. NO DEAL! Also, don't.wear.thongs. seriously? how ridiculous. And don't get a prime position just to stand there and hug your boyfriend.. have some fun! With so many people dancing and jumping around you, how could you see properly anyway standing still... lame!
So I went with my bro Nick... he's a giant at 6ft5 so he was quite nice in letting a very vertically challenged girl in front of him. We also had a nice chat as we sank some bevvies before the show. We managed to catch The Getaway Plan's final song.. too busy talking lol.... So YAY, SP!

Had an exhausting day.. had a funeral to attend. Don't want to go on about it really, bit of a downer... love you russell and we will all really miss you and your cheeriness and caring nature.

thumbs up: our couch. i love it. i'm sitting on it... couldn't think of anything else.
thumbs down: an error notice coming up each time i post a blog entry. it works anyway but ggrr.. is that normal?

Monday, October 20, 2008

need to sleep

ebut first i want to document how happy I am that my mixed netball team were last night crowned division 1 premiers!!! YES!! If you know me, you know my netball is very important to me... so I'm really glad we won. also because we narrowly beat our biggest rivals.. we hate them lol. they were the only team to beat us all season, 1 loss. Domination, Thunderstruck!!! (i love our team name, good job self for thinking of it). Also my brothers team played their mixed final tonight and won!!! And nick got MVP - he is a star netballer... so all round great season for us 'bashells'!!

ooooh and i got my costume for our housewarming in the mail today. i'm soooo relieved, it's perfect! I'm getting really excited for the party, it should be awesome!!

thumbs up: winning grand finals of course! :)
thumbs down: pat hurting his leg, gggaaayyy!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

saturday morning

I always have so many plans in my head for what I want to do on Saturdays..
they are just that one full day that I have to do what I want! Generally I have a bit
of a sleep in.. alarm was set for 9.30 but got revised to 10.30 when simon got home
at 4am and we chatted for an hour. We then normally read the paper and get stuck into
an hour or two or three of housework/gardening.. then, whatever! I like to see Mum and Jorja if I can. Which I would like to do today. I also plan to go shopping for decorations for our housewarming - halloween themed! We have a fair few decorations already but I haven't
checked out everywhere. Also tomoro I am participating in the ROMP ... our team is the rockstar rompers.. so I have to sort out my rockstar outfit today! I just wanna buy a little toy guitar to make it obvious what I am haha. Everything else will just come from my wardrobe.. I am pretty much a rockstar after all ;)
Pussycat Dolls are currently on video hits.. at least the lead singer - nicole? - doesn't mime the verses.. seriously they are just a glorified dancing troupe. anywho. So yeah my whole point was to say even thougth I am filled with plans.. I've been on my laptop for an hour already.. this is enough! Off to finish cleaning out my wardrobe and getting the house looking lovely, then I can go shopping!!! And see the most beautiful little girl in the world, my little sis Jorja.

thumbs up: my dress ordered on can't wait to get it!
thumbs down: not knowing where my tax stuff is AGAIN!

Friday, October 17, 2008



My first blog post!

I haven't planned a real theme for it, or decided exactly what it will be about but I've done it for a couple of reasons.

1. It's a good release for me to type things out!
2. I have fallen in love with many blogs and been inspired by them.
3. It will be great to look back on in years to come and see what my 22 y.o self had to say.

This is what my blog will definitely include

1. photos of my outfits. ala all the blogs I love :) - they inspire me, maybe I can do the same for others (although I highly doubt it, honestly)
2. random rambling! as the title promises!
3. talk about those nearest and dearest to me. I'll introduce them later!
4. hopefully something to do with running a household/money saving ideas
5. my shopping finds.
6. anecdotes about my life!

So who is this Hayley Bash?

Well my name is Hayley and Bash is my nickname, which is taken from my surname.

I'm 22, originally from Warrnambool. Have lived in Melbourne since I was 13.

I'm an Aries, but think horoscopes are really bull****!

I'm with a lovely boy called Simon who looks after me very well. We've been together 3.5 years..

We bought a house together in May.. loving it!

I run a shop full-time and nanny 4 afternoons a week too. Very busy!

I love shopping. Love clothes, shoes, bags, accessories!

I HATE peas, tuna, tomato, mushrooms and banana.

I LOVE LOLLIES. Junk food queen unfortunately.

I have a huge family, complicated, blended and extended and I wouldn't have it any
other way.

That should do it for now!

If you happen to be reading.. well, I'm chuffed!

thumbs up: white kit kat blocks mmmmm!
thumbs down: leggings as pants. who wants that much information?