Monday, February 23, 2009

Bash Stash

I really wanted to do a post.. I wasn't sure what though, so I looked through some old photos for inspiration!

This was taken in January 08, Liza and I went for a holiday in QLD, staying right in Surfers. This was taken after a day shopping at Pacific Fair.

I was so stoked with my haul. I'll see how smart my purchases were now, a year later :)

1. Black and white checked hat I'm wearing. Worn maybe once. I never think hats look any good (on me)
2. Black and white spotty dress - good buy. I got 4 dresses & 1 top for $100. Have worn it to the races and a family party.
3. White dress - have worn once. It's white and tight. I should've known I'd decide to change at the last minute whenever I attempted it!
4. Grey dress - GREAT buy. Have worn it heaps. Comfy and cute.
5, Black dress with sequins. Yet to wear, but try it on heaps. I don't know if it's that flattering.
6. White hat. Never worn. See #1.
7. Green Havianas, great except I've lost em somewhere!
8. Silver shoes - great, love em!
9. Jewellery - none a real big success, but I can't really see them closely.

Lesson learnt and still being learnt.

Think hard before you spend those hard earned $$$$$$, Bash!!

Off to watch the Oscars. Will post about my fave dresses tomoz or sometime I think.

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Hair!

I do apologise if hair is boring for you. My hair is never boring.. at least, it's always changing!

Right now, it's black! And my 'trademark' colour patch is red. Which always looks pink very quickly. I say trademark coz my friends keep telling me that I'm now known for my coloured hair and it's my 'thing'.. my trademark!

so here is me in my black and red / essendon hair glory....

looking emo*

with Babbie as La-La. It's tradition to do a blue steel and a smiley photo.
I'm the queen of hearts again, more evil-ed up for a rockin good v evil party

*i swear i'm not emo.

** i do love black and red hair though.

ooh and my blog takes up the whole screen almost now. have wanted that for ages, finally figured it out haha.

Monday, February 9, 2009


So, a brief word on the bushfires simply because I would feel heartless if I didn't at least
mention them before blabbing about frivolous things. It is just absolutely heartbreaking. I can't comprehend the devastation.. the death toll. That a lot of the fires were deliberately lit. I'm donating a bunch of clothes to the appeal. I hope everyone in the country finds it in their heart to do something. Donate some clothes - there are children out there living in their pyjamas. Throw some change in a tin if you can only spare that. It all counts. The Red Cross Appeal can be found here

Onto some good news for the day.


Hayley Bash is a bit of a punk rocker.. a pop punk rocker.. I LOVE Blink! So very excited. And they are doing a world tour. HELLOOOOOOO seeing them live. Which I have never done before (and always regretted since I thought I lost my chance) So now I can. I'm VERY excited :) My friend Pat has offered to get us some cheap Blink t-shirts (he's in America atm.. for far too long!) in celebration.. ie: before they get expensive again! Thanks Pootruck :)

And some annoying news. My camera has kicked the bucket again. Hopefully they will replace it this time.. so over it! THANK GOSH I bought that extended warranty. Do it peoples. Stupid technology!

On the plus side, Simon has a brand new camera. YAY. Because.... we received our first home owners grant on the weekend. FINALLY. Seriously, we bought they house in May!!! But oh well, it's certainly nice to check your account and see 10K extra.. so we're really not complaining!

hayley bash over and out.

Friday, February 6, 2009

17 Food Quirks of Mine

Chantelle, the very cool owner of blog fat.mum.slim offered the challenge to talk about our food quirks. I didn't know if I could think of many. I did!

1. I love eating a Jaffa and a Raspberry together. Try it!

2. I love pretty much ham and cheese everything. I have a ham & cheese focaccia from the cafe at work for lunch almost every day. They remove the tomato for me - YUCK.

3. I can't stand peas. They are so disgusting to me. And mushy peas??? makes my stomach turn.

4. I refuse to eat Wizz Fizz other than traditionally - out of the pack with the plastic spoon. Not the same any other way. My brother Nick and I used to argue about the different characters on the pack - he swore each one meant a different flavour. I swore they all tasted the same. Anyone have an opinion on that?

5. I love sweetened condensed milk. mmmmmmm. haven't had it for years though.

6. Mum's choc chip cookie dough is probably the yummest thing ever.

7. I have the SAME THING at Subway EVERY TIME. Chicken pieces, salami, lettuce, onion, carrot, caesar and mayo (plenty), salt and pepper. I once vowed never to eat Subway. Now I'm a devoted Subwayer lol.

8. I adore the froth on the top of hot chocolates. I'm more than happy to have half a cup of creamy froth. White hot chocolates are the best.

9. I can't tolerate much fruit. Which sucks. I like granny smith apples and grapes.

10. The smell of tuna makes me want to vomit. Once when we were in primary school, we had tuna mornay for lunch. Nick had some leftover to take home and it spilt in his school bag. We were too scared to tell Mum, so Nick just shoved the bag in his wardrobe and left it. IMAGINE that smell ages later. Holy hell. Even without that story, the smell.. ugh. ugh!!!!

11. Give me a garden salad with cheese... and I'll pick out the cheese and leave the rest.

12. I'm fairly game.. I'll try most things.

13. I can't really do sushi.. avocado yuck. weird looking meat, no thanks.

14. I only eat chicken breast. And I love the stuffing from a whole chicken.

15. I dislike nuts, but LOVE Magnum Almonds :)

16. In year 12, I used to buy a Curly Wurly and 50c (10) worth of red frogs every day. So good to suck on the frogs sneakily, and great together too!

17. I hate tomato. Raw, in particular. It is banned from the shop I manage!

Anyone else want to share their food quirks?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bash is in love...

...with the gorgeous, amazing, unbelievable, pretty, funky and SWEET AS creations at these two Etsy shops...

This jewellery is so fun!
Ouma Clothing
I want several party dreses, like... now.

I demand someone purchase me something from them for my birthday! Which is in March.

(are u reading Simon? xxx)