Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I got my lip pierced!

In Camden, London.
I love that I got it somewhere different and it's a good story :)

It was one of my favourite places of my whole trip.
It's very alternative and hip. Just loved it. I saw a tarot card reader and got my nails done for the first time ever. (not fakes just a manicure and a wicked paint job)

This is me being a photo whore trying to get a good pic of my new piercing and tried-for-the-first time red lipstick! I'm at the Westfield in Sheperd's Bush, London. I LOVE my piercing. It hurt a LOT and eating was really hard for a few days, but totally worth it! I still chomp on it a bit here and there and it hurts but it's getting better. Ooh and you get to see me with my glasses on. I whip them off 99.99% of the time for photos hehe.


Wow it's been a long time since I posted one of these!

For a time after Simon's death, I kind of lost my clothing mojo.
I didn't really care too much what I was wearing, as I'm sure you might understand - it didn't rank too highly in the list of priorities at the time.

Well that time didn't last forever and even though things are far from perfect, I once again love all things clothing related!

I went shopping NUTS in America on my holiday. WOW. If I didn't have to worry about baggage space (which I barely did anyway, oops) I would have went even more nuts. Everything was SO.MUCH.CHEAPER. than home and there was so much to choose from! I will definitely be hitting up the websites of my favourite stores!

Without any further ado, here are some ensembles (pronounced on-som-blahs of course) I've worn since my return from holiday. You will have to excuse the lame self taken photos.. I lost my photographer and haven't figured out a good way to do it yet.

dress - tempt
t-shirt - less than jake merch from NYC show <3
beads - who knows from years ago
shoes - shop in London with 'river' in the name

[engagement party]
top - Target, ages ago
(previously worn to job interviews, birthday dinners.. and Simon and Elly's funerals. I was brave enough to dig it out again)
skirt - dangerfield. i REALLY LIKE THIS SKIRT OMG. I'm having a high waisted moment.
same shoes. i kinda dig them.

dress- Kmart in 2006. both straps broke so I just tie them as a halter!
vest - valleygirl (only good thing I've ever got there)
boots - kmart. I love these boots so very much

I felt very 'me' in this outfit. the boots made it.

Notice my hair at all too? It's not purple. Or pink. Or red. It's brown, black and BLONDE! all the normally purple bits are blonde. I actually really like it. Will get Juliet to make it look more deliberate and less 'I let my colour wash out and have been left with bleached streaks'. Might keep it a bit brown/black/blonde for a while before my next planned change! oooooooooooo!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

27 today

[Simon on his 26th birthday]

Happy Birthday Simon.
I wish you were here so I could say it to you in person.
With lots of hugs and kisses and presents and fun.
We will share a meal to mark the occasion, but it won't be the same
without the special birthday boy.
I miss you.
I love you.

22.12.82 - 26.3.09

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I leave in the morning!!!!!!
My flight is in 13 hours!!!!!
I am sooo excited, my stomach is in knots!

can't wait!!

so possible six weeks of non-blogging or reading blogs. withdrawal symptoms much!!

i'll cope.


Monday, October 19, 2009


one week to go until my holiday!!!!


so much to get organised, it's going to be a hectic week!!!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

INK (sad bits warning)

So i want a tattoo.

I saw Simon twice after he died. The first time, the next day. I said to him pretty quickly, without any previous thought "I'm getting a tattoo for you." [ever wondered what you might say to the body of the person you love? I said I love you about a thousand times over and over. such an intense few minutes of my life I will never forget. it. sometimes I can think about it ok and others times.. my world stops when i really truly remember all the details.]


So I have been thinking for ages about what to get. Simon had a tattoo for his late brother Danny and I thought it was a beautiful way to remember him. (I think I also said that to him)
It's been almost 7 months since my boy left us (woah) so it's clearly not a decision I've rushed into.

I've decided on the basic design.. I just need to sit down with a tattoo artist and work on colours and placement/font for Simon's initials... SKW. Aren't they nice initials? Mine are lame.. HEB hehe.

But the main thing bothering me is... where on earth will I put this tattoo?!?!
I have had many ideas but none have sold me completely.

I don't want a 'tramp stamp' - middle of the lower back.
I don't want it to be somewhere super obvious that I can't cover if a job calls for it (sucks)
I do want it somewhere I can see it and somewhere I can show it when I want.

So these are not options -
neck (nape being considered though)

Any suggestions????

I can't wait to get it :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


On the weekend, I lost a friend.

One of those friends who you are always happy to see. Who is always happy to see you.

Who is literally so beautiful she takes your breath away.

Who is funny and crazy and talented and smart.

My partner in defense. The GK to my GD.

She will be very much missed.

Elouise Matilda Booth



I love you chicky xx

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm kind of a big deal...

lol i love that saying.
i was on someone else's blog! my life is complete hehehe.
you can check it out HERE!

Reading it again inspired me to answer some more questions. I would LOVE to read all the bloody myspace bulletins I used to post with surveys etc.. would be funny seeing answers from years ago! Anyway, I can start that now huh :)

1. I've come to realise that my hair... has got extremely long. and i'm craving a cut. sort of.

2. I've come to realise that when I talk... it hurts at the moment. stupid sickness.

4. I've come to realise that all I really need is... family and friends?

5. I've come to realise that I've lost... my mind a little at times hehe.

6. I've come to realise that I hate it when... people lie lie lie lie lie. UGH.

7. I've come to realise that if I'm drunk.... I can make bad choices!

8. I've come to realise that money.... is a big deal in relationships apparently.

9. I've come to realise that when I get old... I'll have grandkids (I hope!) and that will be so COOL

10. I've come to realise that I'll always be... a daydreamer. i'm so bad.

11. I've come to realise that I have a crush on.... damn you nick hogan for being the only person i actually know in real life who reads my blog! not that you know the boy in question but others might! hehehehehe.

12. I've come to realise that the last time I cried... was normal and fine and whatever aahhh.

13. I've come to realise that my cell phone... needs to be replaced by an iphone <3

14. I've come to realise that when I wake up in the morning... I will never want to leave bed.

15. I've come to realise that before I go to sleep at night I... think about my boy..

16. I've come to realise that right now I am thinking about.... Jorja Kate singing and dancing around me!

17. I've come to realise that my life... has changed and will keep changing for a while.

18. I've come to realise that when I get on Facebook.... I like to have notifications! hehe

19. I've come to realise that today I will.... watch packed to the rafters for once yay.

20. I've come to realise that tonight I will.... finish putting photos all over the upstairs doors. it looks awesome!!!!

21. I've come to realise that tomorrow I will... go to work.

22. I've come to realise that I really want to... GO ON MY HOLIDAY!!!!

23. I've come to realise that the person who is most likely to repost this is... nobody really. Maybe Hogan.

24. I've come to realise relationships... are amazing to look back on with a psychologist... some many epiphanies and realisations.

25. I've come to realise love... is the best thing ever. and it can lead to the worst thing ever. be careful with your love.

26. I've come to realise my best guy friend... I have 3 possibly. Pat is too far away and I'm quite over it. Matt is.. i don't know what to say. I hate that guy. And I couldn't love him more (in a purely platonic, I am his 3rd mother, he is about 16 in my head kinda way) and Josh is the best support.. SNOSHA!!!

27. I've come to realise my best girl friend... practically has a boyfriend! WHAT THE :)

28. I've come to realise food... is still food.

29: I've come to realise that this summer... I will miss 9 days of in London/LA wooooo.

30. I've come to realise heartbreak is... utterly miserable.

31. I've come to realise that my ex.... I guess that is Simon huh? He is... so much. He will always be my boy!

32. I've come to realise that my brother... we'll say Nick.. he is going to Thailand on Friday and I will MISS him!! I love that kid.

33. I've come to realise that crying... is totally necessary and I am good at holding it in.. sometimes.

34. I've come to realise that death... is so hard for the living. so hard.

35. I've come to realise that if I'm sick... it doesn't go away quickly

36. I've come to realise when I'm bored... I'm very rarely bored.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


So I think I might give up the old getting drunk thing for a while.

I am just sick of feeling revolting the next day.

I don't always have a hangover, but I'm over wasting half the day feeling horrid.

So now more drinking for Hayley Bash for a while. I might have one or two, but no more.
I wanted to post about it as extra incentive to stick to it!

I'm looking forward to saving money too. I only drink spirits which is insanely expensive!

Does anyone else have an opinion on alcohol intake? Do you never drink? Do you limit your intake?

Why? How have you found the experience?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's on your bedside table?

My current reading material is the Lonely Planet New York Encounter Book.

A bite sized book packed FULL of information about a place that seems far too full to ever explore completely. I only started it today and I've been hi-lighting, circling and flagging all over the shop.

It has made me so extra excited about my holiday to be reading and researching! The books still waiting to be perused are the Lonely Planet Encounters... LA, San Fran, Chicago, London and Las Vegas.

The encounter books are good for me. The 'America' Lonely Planet book is far too huge for me to contemplate reading - or taking with me. So these pocket size ones are great.

And they are making me SO GIDDY WITH EXCITEMENT!

Monday, August 10, 2009


This was hilarious Simon. One of the best memories of you. Late night Macca's run. You disappeared for hours with Luke and returned with some obvious evidence. Bush diving anyone?

It was such a crazy thing for my quiet boy to do. I like the photo a lot.
Hardcore, babe.

answer some lame questions post

What is the single largest item in your house?
hmm queen size beds?

How well can you write your name with your non dominant hand?
legible at best

What color is your bedroom?
creamy walls

What type of computer mouse do you use?
the one on the laptop

What is your earliest memory?
hmm not sure

Have you ever jumped off of a high dive?
off a 10 metre diving board. scary!

Do you take vitamins?

When did you first become interested in sex?

Do you like to color inside the lines?
of course

What do you have set as your home page?

Do you have your own radio?
one in my room that i inherited when i moved home

Where would you hate to have to work?
lots of places! the tip?!

Who is on your speed dial?
let see.. ( i never use speed dial) home. Mum. Pat. Nick. Liza Josh. Matt D. home again haha. Gary.

Do you prefer lightbulbs or candles?
uh lights

How much money did you spend today?
about $30

What are you sitting on right now?
the couch downstairs

Do you look at yourself when you pass by reflective surfaces?
of course

Would you ever get plastic surgery?

Did you play with shaving cream when you were a kid?
who knows

How big is your bed?

Do you like the smell of axe?

What is your favorite flavor of lifesavers?
don't really have one

Have you ever seen a volcano?
extinct one yeah

What is the best halloween costume you have ever worn?
only worn one, my queen of hearts costume which is awesome

What kind of soap do you use?
body wash

Can you snowboard?
I can, i love it!

How many icons do you have on your dekstop?
zif counting

What is the biggest amount of money you have ever had at one time?
house deposit!!

Do you understand how telephones work?
um I guess?

Do you write notes on your body?
i write the countdown to my holiday on my hand everyday atm (77!)

What is the prominent color in your closet?
myriad of colours, prob most black.

What is sitting next to you right now?

Do you believe in lots of conspiracies?

Do you own any really old video game systems?
nintendo 64 (amazing)

Are you good at baking?

Have you ever made your own clothing?
not yet

How many doors does your house have?
oh god. about 14?

Do you prefer tootsie pops or blow pops?

Do you sneak into movie theatres?

Are you a really fast text messager?

Do you have anything you keep on you 24/7?
belly button bar

Do you usually write in print or in cursive?

What was your first job?
kfc hehe

Do you prefer crushed ice or cubed?

What print is on your plates or cups in your kitchen?
plain white

Have you ever made a mixed cd for someone?
just made one for myself!

What do you want to buy from an infomercial?
Hmm there was something I saw the other day but i can't remember!

Do you believe that animals have souls?
randomly discussed this at work the other day! I was undecided lol.

What word/phrase do you find really annoying?
'it's killing me'

Do you have a lava lamp or a black light?

Do you find yourself not having enough electrical outlets?
for sure

What is the longest you can wait patiently?
depends what I'm waiting for! ie, holiday. 170 days is a long time.

Have you ever been under anesthesia?
I have, a couple of times.

Are your fingernails long or short?

Are you afraid of bright colors?
uh, no!

Has anyone ever accused you of being gay?
hahaha not seriously.

Can you tell people honest things to their face?
yeah, honesty is the best policy! I need to get better at confrontation though.

Would you rather eat grits or oatmeal?

Do you own a kite?

Have you ever run down and up escalator or vice versa?
not that I can recall.

What do you think of clothing for pets?
for warmth is good

Do you tend to want things you cannot have?
um yes!

Is it true that you can be anything you want to be?
within reason, for sure

Were your parents honest to you about serious things when you were little?
who knows

Would you ever dye your hair purple?
have before! (a section)

Who do you think should play you in a movie?
probs me. haha

Would you ever kill someone?

Do you prefer stripes or polka dots?

Do you dot your is and cross your ts?

Are you double jointed in any way?

What kind of super power do you wish you had?
mind reading! would be so handy

Are you easily offended?
hell no.

How often do you watch the news?
not much, i'm normally working

Do you have nightmares very much?

Which power ranger was your favorite?
wasn't allowed to watch it lol! but i liked the yellow girl the most on principle coz I reckoned more
girls would like the pink one. I like the underdog.

Did the movie Jaws ever scare you?
haven't watched it in forever

Have you ever cried to get away with something?

What do you think of feminists?
i don't think about them much

Are you friends with anyone famous?

Do you lack common sense sometimes?
a little

Are you afraid of snakes?
well yeah

Do you use recycle bins at your house?

How hot do you like the water in your shower?
don't get me started. my shower SUCKS

Do you ever walk around your house naked?
nope, better not to scare the family I would say

What is your favorite art form?

Do you want to be bilingual?
would be cool

Is energy wasted on little kids?
na kids rock

Do you lie to make people feel better?
not intentionally. i hate lies

How many times a day do you look at the clock?
a fair bit!!

Do you like to organize things?

Are you going to have smile lines or frown lines when youre older?
atm, frown!

Do you floss your teeth every day?

Do you like the game red rover?
is that british bulldog? yep

Which is better, thick crust or thin?

How good are you at keeping secrets?

What stupid little thing really stresses you out?
hm can't think of one but there would be plenty!

Can you remember what you wore yesterday?
yep. my favourite beautiful skirt.

Which Disney parks have you been to?
none just yet!

What do you think the drinking age should be?
18 is good

Do you like to wear socks?

What is the last cartoon you watched?

What does your bed comforter look like?
comforter pphh. doona cover is bright and stripey.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Magenta goodness

My blog is so random. From suffocating grief, to new hair colour!
Last time I'll mention the randomness.. it's just how life is now.

So my cousin Juliet is (apart from being a SUPER person) a talented hairdresser. Considering how costly my crazy colour preferences could be, I'm very lucky Juliet helps me out with my hair these days! We are seeing each other a lot more lately which is great. Good things always come from bad. She put the blonde streak in my hair which was a little tribute to Simon thing I had going on.

This is the most extreme style I've had - full on colour! But I LOVE it.

It is even brighter in person I feel.
Much more pink/magenta!

Monday, July 27, 2009

How can this be?

I miss Simon so much today I'm having trouble breathing.

Monday, July 20, 2009


So if you have ever been to any of these places, I want travel tips!
What did you do? Where did you stay? Where should I NOT go in these cities?

San Fransisco
New York
Las Vegas

And any other travel tips would be cool. Big or small. I'm a total overseas holiday virgin. In other news, I'm possibly getting sick.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

One Hundred

Just 100 days left on my countdown!

Tomorrow it hits double figures.. it feels like that is the true beginning of the countdown!

Today Pat sent me a first draft of our itinerary. We get to see lots of places and do so many cool things. LA, San Fran, NY, Vegas, Denver, San Diego... all so appealing!

I'm SO excited, I want these next 99 days to go quickly - I just can't wait to escape.

I really miss Pat, probably now more than ever and probably worse since I know seeing him is not too far away!

I am really looking forward to seeing my friend Liz too. It's going to be great to reconnect with her, I can't wait.

100 days!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dinner Party *edited!

Ok, so I haven't got long to answer this challenge so I'm sure if I thought about it for a long time I could make it even more perfect, but off the top of my head.. here is the perfect Hayley Bash dinner party.

*edited - i had 9 people oops. had to make a cut and i changed one.

Guest List

Simon Waters

this is pretty self explanatory. another night with my boy.

Brett Lee

Both boyfriends I've had have always known their place. They were my boy. Brett Lee is my man.

Will Smith

What a guy. great actor. he has a sweet house with a basketball court. he'd be hilarious I presume. and could rap for us.

Hamish Blake

Possibly the coolest australian around. spunky, hilarious and from what I hear, totally nice and down to earth.

Mark Hoppus

My favourite musician. such a spunk. a bass player - hot! Simon and I would fight over him.

Edward Cullen

HOT. hot. Hot. hoT. hOt. This man is perfection in vampire form.


Would quite easily become Pink if I could. She's so spunky, talented and seems just like a really cool chick. Plus I wish I could pull off that spiffy short hair and have a toned as hell body.

Matthew Dawson

One of my best friends. (I figure I'll spare you a picture) He knows so much about so many weird and wonderful things that I figure he would keep a good convo happening and ask questions I might not think of. Plus we would then have SO much to discuss on future joint luncheons. We like nothing more than talking about other people, so imagine having these famous people to discuss!


I figure some of everything I love would be the perfect menu! So how does bite size portions of all these sound:

Scalloped potatoes
My favourite Subway
Hawiian Pizza
Fettachini Carbonara
Garlic Bread
Salami and Jarslberg cheese on an english muffin
Potato and Leek Soup
Grill'd chips with herb mayo
Chicken sandwiches (u know the ones omg)
Lots of spinach and fetta anything

Dessert would include
Ice cream (rainbow, vanilla and mint choc chip)
Butterscotch self-saucing pudding
Lemon Meringue Pie
Mint Bubbly
Haighs Caramel Chocs

Of course I will have a chef preparing all of this, out of sight.

I would be drinking vodka cruisers (raspberry and cranberry & lime) and tropical orange bicardi breezers (such a girl) Everyone else can drink whatever their favourite is!


I would wear a really cool Ouma dress with a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes something like this

There wouldn't really be a theme except we'd all be dressed up glamorously- I don't want anything to distract from enjoying the people.

The entertainment would of course be all of my favourite bands/artists. Will Smith would perform for us also. Cirque Du Soleil would put on a show for us. We would be visited by some tigers, cuddle them and get photos with them.

We'd talk about anything and everything. Matt and I would have thousands of questions. And the whole thing would be recorded and videoed and photographed so we'd remember everything.

Sounds like the best night ever to me!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm updating my music collection a fair bit at the moment. I have some definite absolute favourite songs. I can't decide on the order though and occasionally a new song will pop up. Here are Hayley Bash's favourite songs.

To be with you - Mr Big (my oldest fave)
Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - Panic At The Disco
So Cold - Breaking Benjamin
Diary of Jane (acoustic) Breaking Benjamin
The Science Of Selling Yourself Short - Less Than Jake
Adam's Song - Blink 182 (probs second oldest)
Face down - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
The only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage - Panic At The Disco
Sugar we're going down - Fallout Boy
Farewell Rocketship - Children Collide (newish)
The world is black - Good Charlotte
Motivation Proclomation - Good Charlotte
Your Guardian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (newish)
Black Cat - Mayday Parade
The ghosts of you and me - Less Than Jake
My Completness - Thirsty Merc
Cry me a river - Justin Timberlake
Ocean avenue - Yellowcard
Numb/Encore - Linkin Park / Jay Z

That's all I can think of for now. I definitely have a second rung of favourite songs though, which would include more Less Than Jake, Breaking Benjamin, some Simple Plan, more Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Blink 182...

So since I'm actually trying to broaden my musical horizons a little for once (no brand new ground breaking genres or anything, baby steps.. and I am actually enjoying it! ... maybe the list will grow.

If you think you'd like some new music to get into, try last.fm
You type in a band/artist you like and it plays similar artists. I've found some great new bands to listen to from there.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am very lucky to have Nick and Jorja. I love them both sooooo much.
Look how different I am from the two of them. They are blonde and tanned whilst I am clearly not, but that's ok.

Check out Nick's beard, he's growing one for the first time he reckons. (hopefully first and last time!)

Some people say Nick and I are SO alike, whilst others ask if he's my boyfriend?? HAHA.
Meanwhile Jorja is just a little stunner and the coolest kid too.
And also, Nick is a giant. And also, my hair is getting so looooooooooooong woo hoo.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Today I had a quick chat to someone who works near me. We have chatted often over the 3 years I've worked there. She's lovely. I said I wasn't having any time off soon as I'm saving my leave for my trip to America/UK. She asked if my boyfriend was coming with me.

It's like my world stops for a second.
Don't ask me that.
Don't make me say it.

'He actually passed away'

It's not natural saying that, it doesn't even feel real, or even close to ok.

This will probably happen many times, but it's the first time I've had it really as yet.

It's hard to explain, because I just can't. Not in a few minutes. Not ever really.

I miss my boy.

I know I'm biased, but seriously, how good looking is he?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

By the way

129 days until take off.

ooooohh yeaaaah.


i am unnaturally obsessed with Cadbury's new Bubbly Bar. The mint one.
It is SO yummy. I compared with it with Aero. (which it is blatantly copied from ,obviously)

And Bubbly just came out on top, hands down. It is so great. I will eventually get over it, I hope. Can't be good for me. I was similarly obsessed with Cadbury's mint flake - so yum. The only real mint things I like but both so amazing.
I tried to find a picture, but cadbury are pimping it out hardcore, so you should find it pretty easily at a servo/supermarket if you feel like giving it a whirl. Be careful. And if you do try it, let me know what you think!

Ah bubbly. About to have my last piece now. Although there is another bar in my room somewhere. I AM OUT OF CONTROL.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Acts Of Kindness

If you could name one small gesture someone else has made that had a big impact on your lift, what would it be?

I wasn't sure I could think of anything that fit the question. Then I thought about how HARD life can be for me at the moment, and what little things people do to help me get through it.

All my wonderful work friends are very supporting and understanding.

Paul will always ask me if I want some lollies or chocolate if I'm not looking happy. He will run to the shop and get it for me immediately. I don't normally say yes, but just the thought and the commitment to running through the cold just to make me feel better for a tiny moment really warms my heart :)

So thanks Paul.
You still have short legs. :P

Monday, June 15, 2009


..a very cool website.
that is bad for me.
that I should resist.
I'm trying to save.
It is full of goodies I want to own.
I don't have enough cupboard space as it is.

Inspired Insanity.

I'm not always into wearing these kinda clothes, but I'm sooo attracted to them. I like bits and pieces. And I love the accessories. I'm a shoe and bag-aholic.

Ohhhh... to be able to shop and shop and shop!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


When I was packing up stuff from our house, I found a new CD that Simon had bought.

Don't you fake it by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

We really, and I mean really, love their song 'Face Down' but we hadn't got much further than that. This album was the last thing Simon put on his Ipod, a couple of days before he died. (I only just figured this out.)

I've been listening to it for ages now. At first I just skipped between two songs 'Face Down' and 'Cat and Mouse' but I listen from start to finish now, in my car. 'Your Guardian Angel' is SUCH a good song also. These 3 have brought on some major tears. Which is fine. (very safe driving also)

So I just absolutely LOVE this album, and I thank Simon for bringing it into my life :)

It's funny how having good songs to listen to as you're driving makes things so much more bearable. I can listen to all the songs (even the three mentioned) now without crying (most of the time) - I have already come a long way, I can be a lot calmer about things - at least at the moment.

It's nice to think one of my coping strategies was given to me from Simon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I love you, man

Just got back from seeing this movie. It was really funny. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel are so good and especially awesome together. Def recommend. (great in depth movie review self. I'm tired.)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blog This

I've joined up to a new community for Oz bloggers. There is a weekly challenge to post about.
You can find the site here.

Challenge 2 is

"If I were to invent something to make life easier or more fun for me...and WHY..

Now, I think everybody would like what I would most like to invent, but I want it the most ok? lol.

If I could invent anything, it would be a teleporter.

My best friend is in America.

Almost my whole family is in Warrnambool. My Dad. My Nan.

I have other family and friends in Perth.

A cousin in Adelaide.

What I wouldn't give to be able to instantly pop up for a visit! No more missing people, imagine that!

'So what's on for the weekend Bash?

'Oh, just going to Yellowstone to see Pat, then I'll head up to Perth to see Janelle'

If I could invent anything, it would be a teleporter, for instant access to the people I love and miss the most.

(Also if I could pop up to heaven to visit Simon, that would be very much appreciated)

My Blog

So when I started this blog, it was pretty random and light!

Now I have suffered a massive loss in my life and some of my posts might be tinged with sadness. I would like to post about Simon sometimes, because he will always be a part of me and I am never going to forget about him as a way to cope.

So maybe my blog will be a bit more like this...

HAYLEY BASH - life - fun - randomness - grief - clothes - simon - happy - sad - life

Stick with me?

Friday, May 29, 2009


Today was White Wreath Day.

In remembrance of all victims of suicide.

I didn't know this until I decided to look at the site today of all days.

My uncle told me about the white wreath website when Simon passed away.

Simon took his own life. It is a very hard thing to understand.

White Wreath are a great organisation. They try to raise awareness of mental illness and the struggles that people can go through. They provide havens and support for people who are having a hard time coping with life. They support the family and friends who are left behind when a loved one commits suicide.

I have known people who have taken their own lives, one a friend 2 years ago. I didn't really dwell on it too much - but when Simon died, it really hit home. He was my partner for 4 years - I knew him better than anyone. And I still couldn't stop him from leaving.

We need to be more aware of how hard life can be for some people. We need to be able to talk about suicide like we talk about other deaths. Death is a hard subject at the best of times, but I think suicide is the hardest thing to talk about, probably because it is the hardest to understand. There is always the question of : WHY. That is a question I ask constantly but won't get an answer too until I see Simon again, which I believe will happen one day :) I also believe that wherever he is now, he is happy and at peace.

I hope it doesn't upset anybody me posting about suicide - I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do or not, but this can be part of the problem - it's very taboo. I'm not ashamed of the fact that Simon was a victim of suicide. It's sad and awful, and I'm only two months into the very long grieving process for my special boy, but if we can do anything to make it easier for people that are struggling to get help, we should.

Write Wreath also have 'sock-it-to-suicide' where you wear bright socks during the 3rd week of October and donate a gold coin. I'm hoping we can do this at my workplace - they were very supportive in 'footy jumper friday' to raise funds for beyond blue earlier this year, which was great.

Thanks to everyone for your messages of support. If you feel like writing something, please do. I know words might be hard to find, but every show of love and support really helps.

Friday, May 22, 2009

New hair

Well not so new anymore. It's holding up fairly well six weeks later

Simon and I always joked that he liked blonde hair the best. Whenever we found a stray hair somewhere, we'd say accusingly 'IT'S BLONDE!' implying some blonde vixen had been around.

So when my lovely hairdresser cousin Juliet said 'let me know if there is anything I can do' , I said yep.. make me blonde!!!

Before you have a heart attack, don't worry, I could never go full blonde. I am definitely right as a brunette. I already had a filthy blonde patch from where my red or pink or whatever it was at the time had grown out, so I just got it done right. Funnily enough, when Juliet bleached it, it came out with pink all through it! The colour of fairy floss. But that faded quickly. So ta-da, here is my new duo coloured hair.

I really like it. I'm craving some pink though!! Could I pull off blonde and pink at the same time, that is the question.

The spunkiest boy ever

I miss you.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Amongst all the sadness of late, I have something awesome to look forward to.

AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO.

6 weeks of super fun. Oh, and some time in the UK too.

But i'm just so excited about going to the US.

I've always wanted to go there. This will be my first overseas trip!

the countdown in on. unfortunately it's quite large... 169 days!

169 days until I get to plant my feet in a different country.
To start my first real holiday. .
And 169 days until I see my friend Pat who I miss heaps and heaps. SO EXCITED.

169 days!
can't wait pootruck!

Friday, April 3, 2009


I started a new blog.
To remember Simon.
He passed away Thu 26/3/09.
I love him and miss him.

For Simon Waters

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bash Stash

I really wanted to do a post.. I wasn't sure what though, so I looked through some old photos for inspiration!

This was taken in January 08, Liza and I went for a holiday in QLD, staying right in Surfers. This was taken after a day shopping at Pacific Fair.

I was so stoked with my haul. I'll see how smart my purchases were now, a year later :)

1. Black and white checked hat I'm wearing. Worn maybe once. I never think hats look any good (on me)
2. Black and white spotty dress - good buy. I got 4 dresses & 1 top for $100. Have worn it to the races and a family party.
3. White dress - have worn once. It's white and tight. I should've known I'd decide to change at the last minute whenever I attempted it!
4. Grey dress - GREAT buy. Have worn it heaps. Comfy and cute.
5, Black dress with sequins. Yet to wear, but try it on heaps. I don't know if it's that flattering.
6. White hat. Never worn. See #1.
7. Green Havianas, great except I've lost em somewhere!
8. Silver shoes - great, love em!
9. Jewellery - none a real big success, but I can't really see them closely.

Lesson learnt and still being learnt.

Think hard before you spend those hard earned $$$$$$, Bash!!

Off to watch the Oscars. Will post about my fave dresses tomoz or sometime I think.

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Hair!

I do apologise if hair is boring for you. My hair is never boring.. at least, it's always changing!

Right now, it's black! And my 'trademark' colour patch is red. Which always looks pink very quickly. I say trademark coz my friends keep telling me that I'm now known for my coloured hair and it's my 'thing'.. my trademark!

so here is me in my black and red / essendon hair glory....

looking emo*

with Babbie as La-La. It's tradition to do a blue steel and a smiley photo.
I'm the queen of hearts again, more evil-ed up for a rockin good v evil party

*i swear i'm not emo.

** i do love black and red hair though.

ooh and my blog takes up the whole screen almost now. have wanted that for ages, finally figured it out haha.

Monday, February 9, 2009


So, a brief word on the bushfires simply because I would feel heartless if I didn't at least
mention them before blabbing about frivolous things. It is just absolutely heartbreaking. I can't comprehend the devastation.. the death toll. That a lot of the fires were deliberately lit. I'm donating a bunch of clothes to the appeal. I hope everyone in the country finds it in their heart to do something. Donate some clothes - there are children out there living in their pyjamas. Throw some change in a tin if you can only spare that. It all counts. The Red Cross Appeal can be found here

Onto some good news for the day.


Hayley Bash is a bit of a punk rocker.. a pop punk rocker.. I LOVE Blink! So very excited. And they are doing a world tour. HELLOOOOOOO seeing them live. Which I have never done before (and always regretted since I thought I lost my chance) So now I can. I'm VERY excited :) My friend Pat has offered to get us some cheap Blink t-shirts (he's in America atm.. for far too long!) in celebration.. ie: before they get expensive again! Thanks Pootruck :)

And some annoying news. My camera has kicked the bucket again. Hopefully they will replace it this time.. so over it! THANK GOSH I bought that extended warranty. Do it peoples. Stupid technology!

On the plus side, Simon has a brand new camera. YAY. Because.... we received our first home owners grant on the weekend. FINALLY. Seriously, we bought they house in May!!! But oh well, it's certainly nice to check your account and see 10K extra.. so we're really not complaining!

hayley bash over and out.

Friday, February 6, 2009

17 Food Quirks of Mine

Chantelle, the very cool owner of blog fat.mum.slim offered the challenge to talk about our food quirks. I didn't know if I could think of many. I did!

1. I love eating a Jaffa and a Raspberry together. Try it!

2. I love pretty much ham and cheese everything. I have a ham & cheese focaccia from the cafe at work for lunch almost every day. They remove the tomato for me - YUCK.

3. I can't stand peas. They are so disgusting to me. And mushy peas??? makes my stomach turn.

4. I refuse to eat Wizz Fizz other than traditionally - out of the pack with the plastic spoon. Not the same any other way. My brother Nick and I used to argue about the different characters on the pack - he swore each one meant a different flavour. I swore they all tasted the same. Anyone have an opinion on that?

5. I love sweetened condensed milk. mmmmmmm. haven't had it for years though.

6. Mum's choc chip cookie dough is probably the yummest thing ever.

7. I have the SAME THING at Subway EVERY TIME. Chicken pieces, salami, lettuce, onion, carrot, caesar and mayo (plenty), salt and pepper. I once vowed never to eat Subway. Now I'm a devoted Subwayer lol.

8. I adore the froth on the top of hot chocolates. I'm more than happy to have half a cup of creamy froth. White hot chocolates are the best.

9. I can't tolerate much fruit. Which sucks. I like granny smith apples and grapes.

10. The smell of tuna makes me want to vomit. Once when we were in primary school, we had tuna mornay for lunch. Nick had some leftover to take home and it spilt in his school bag. We were too scared to tell Mum, so Nick just shoved the bag in his wardrobe and left it. IMAGINE that smell ages later. Holy hell. Even without that story, the smell.. ugh. ugh!!!!

11. Give me a garden salad with cheese... and I'll pick out the cheese and leave the rest.

12. I'm fairly game.. I'll try most things.

13. I can't really do sushi.. avocado yuck. weird looking meat, no thanks.

14. I only eat chicken breast. And I love the stuffing from a whole chicken.

15. I dislike nuts, but LOVE Magnum Almonds :)

16. In year 12, I used to buy a Curly Wurly and 50c (10) worth of red frogs every day. So good to suck on the frogs sneakily, and great together too!

17. I hate tomato. Raw, in particular. It is banned from the shop I manage!

Anyone else want to share their food quirks?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bash is in love...

...with the gorgeous, amazing, unbelievable, pretty, funky and SWEET AS creations at these two Etsy shops...

This jewellery is so fun!
Ouma Clothing
I want several party dreses, like... now.

I demand someone purchase me something from them for my birthday! Which is in March.

(are u reading Simon? xxx)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catch up

On a few outfits I've worn lately...

Yep let's do the photo in the carpark after a movie. We saw Yes Man. We all liked it!

Cardi - Cotton On
T-shirt - Jay Jays
Silver dress (underneath) - Tempt
Striped dress/top - Jay Jays
Tights - ??
Boots - ?? Wittner or something. I adore them!!
Pink heart necklace - Supre. been worn to death!

Hiding! Out for a day shopping

Black T - Dotti
Tie Dye dress - thrifted! cotton on are selling a top/dress in the same colours. suffer, i got it for $4 haha.
Shorts - Kmart
Sandals - Cotton On

This was going with Mum to take Jorja to her grandparents house an hour or so away.

Cardi - Cotton On (getting a bashing eh!)
Black top - Jay Jays
Stripey T - Billabong
Shorts - Kmart
Leggings - Supre
Shoes - shop at Pac Fair, QLD

This was out to dinner for a friends 21st. Excuse the ridiculous expression, I was giving Simon some instruction! I love the shoes I'm wearing here. Green wedges. Need a photo of the back to see why they're so cute.

Cardi - Cotton On
Top - heidi&seek
Jeans - Gripp
Shoes - Target

and there you have it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is similar to when my favourite restaurant who made the BEST spring rolls in the world closed down. These spring rolls were not like a conventional one. I don't like normal ones, similar to curry puffs.. that odd meat. My gosh they were yum, my favourite treat in the whole world. Can you imagine how crushing it is to know you'll never have them again? OUCH.

Sooo... where on earth has Crispix cereal gone???? the original honey flavour ( i don't like actual honey haha) yellow box. I can't find them at the Safeways in my area... or the Woolworths. Will never call them Woolworths tsk tsk.

Can anyone help?!?!?!!??! DISASTER.

The food gods are against me.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I've jumped on the Twilight bandwagon. Very late I know, but I'm not one to jump on things straight away generally. It took until it was very talked about for my interest to spark.

I was lent the first book (thanks again Hayley!) and read it in 3 days. I really, really enjoyed it.
Considering how much it was about describing how in love Bella is with Edward, and repeated the effect he had on here a lot, I didn't find myself tiring of reading it. I really liked the characters, particularly the Cullen family.. (of course, as they are the most interesting.. being vampires and all.)

So then I decided to see the movie. I was warned that it was terrible. So I went in with my hopes low, and also with the book fresh in my mind - I was ready to judge the transition harshly.

I certainly would not call it terrible - it didn't compare to the books in my opinion. It was still entertaining and worth seeing. My friend Josh who watched it really enjoyed it, and we went straight to Borders to buy the book for him. So I guess it is different depending on if you've read the book or not. The things I said were lacking, Josh said he thought were there.

This is what I liked about the movie:

I really liked the casting of James, he was suitably creepy.

And also Jacob, very cute.

It moved at a quick pace, which I guess is a good thing, particularly for those who haven't read the book.

The Carlisle family were very good. Nikki Reid from Thirteen (one of my fave movies) was a nice surprise to see there, playing Rosalie.

I thought the graduation cap artwork at the Cullen house was funny (not in the book)

I liked the baseball scene mostly. Although they should've been miles more apart for more effect.

Jessica was funny and annoying and perfect.

This is what I thought the flaws in the movie were:

Although Bella and Edward are in love, not once does Bella describe (like in the book) just how ferocious and consuming her love for Edward is. How were heart stops when he touches her. How just looking at him takes her breath away. Yes they were in love, but it didn't seem to go beyond a normal love, when in the book it was a crazy, deep, passionate, longing love.

There wasn't the chemistry between B & E I thought there should have been. There was no gentle teasing, getting angry at each other, it was lacking oomph.

I didn't like Bella. I would say that is a big problem. I think she is a good protagonist in the book, she is definitely likeable. I don't think she is likeable in the movie. She delivers her lines as if she's confused, half asleep and indignant almost all of the time. She's not articulate at all. She's too huffy and annoying. And her manly voice didn't work for me.

They didn't develop the characters well. Bella was simply a girl who moved to Forks. You got that she was clumsy... and that's about it. Edward was played really well by Robert Pattison I thought, but Edward still didn't have the diverse personality he has in the book.

I also couldn't believe the cheesy sound effect when Edward sparkled in the sunlight - as if! It was so not necessary - so lame.

Keeping in mind though, the movie doesn't have to be the same as the book. I must remember that. I still enoyed it. How could I not.. have you seen how nice Robert Pattison is to look at?

Yes I've well and truly been bitten by the bug for Twilight. Terrible pun, sorry.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tip #1

So I said in my very first entry that this blog may contain ideas for around the home... Since you know, owning a home for 8 months makes me an expert.

I bought a book today called Spotless. It has a follow up titled How To Be Comfy (which I bought first) by Shannon Lush and Jennifer Flemming. (good names!)

Spotless tells you how to get just about ANY stain off ANY fabric/item. It's unbelievable the stuff you can fix. So I thought I'd share the tip on getting the 'musty' smell out of items, predominate in clothes/material you might buy from op-shops/secondhand.

Problem: Musty smell on clothes.
What to use: Teabag.

How to apply: The musty smell is caused by dust mites and mildew. To get rid of it, put a tea bag into the washing machine after the water has filled, but before it starts agitating. (moving around) Hold the bag in the water for 2 minutes then remove. The tannins in the tea kill dust mites. If you suffer dust mite allergy, keep a damp tea bag in a plastic bag in your handbag to sniff when you're in second-hand stores. It will stop you from sneezing.

There you have it. I hope someone finds that helpful. I know I will anyway.

These books are gold, really.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Why not..

land here's an outfit thrown in for good measure

t - dotti
dress - heidi&seek
jeans - gripp (clearance woo)
sandals - kmart


I'm new to this decorate a house thing but I definitely enjoy it.
We've made black, red and silver our colours in the lounge room.
(when I say we, I mean I. Simon has minimal say on the decorating. And I have minimal say on the outside. Good agreement!)

Anywho, just some pics of my favourite little decorating purchases...
all in the lounge rom

the pattern on our mirror. half price yeah baby.

I love this 'holey' vase. cooler in person

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Little improvements make me happy. The time is correct on my blog! I was outraged when my first post for 2009 was dated December 31st, 2008. I'd forgotten to fix it. All done now!

These are another of my favourite shoes. Also silver flats. Fully sequinned! From a random shop at Pacific Fair in QLD. On a side note our bus driver from motel to shops was hilarious. She spoke to everyone over the speaker saying such random things as 'there's macky wackys on the left for all your hangover needs' (McDonalds) and called Pacific Fair 'Packy Wacky'.. then she gave out buy 1 get 1 free coffee cards for a cafe in the centre... what a champ! If only more people you come across just briefly were so cheery and able to put a smile on your face.

oh yes, the shoes.

boo. these kind of photos always bring up a problem in the background. This one being that the wall behind the shoes needs a touch up paint job. lol.


our first xmas tree :)

This is how I spent my Christmas.. I love this time of celebration!!

Christmas Eve was spent at Mum and Gary's (stepdad) house with Gary's family. Dinner was super yum.. all the usual Christmas delights.. I put so much on my plate and usually wouldn't get close to finishing (the old 'eyes are bigger than the belly' thing) but this year I stayed committed and finishing the whole damn plate. and it was fantabulous.

Up at 7.10 am for presents! Jorja is 6, so gets uber excited about Santa and all the jazz, so Christmas morning is always fun.

Then down to Warrnambool for Xmas with all my family.. Nick and I got confused by the new Geelong bypass roads and decided we were going the wrong way when we weren't and wasted an hour and a half and screamed at each other.. but we got there in the end!

So Dad's family is HUGE.. he is one of eleven. And there are 30 grandkids
As Dad's family is so huge you never get to see everyone, but we did pretty well this year! I think we actually saw all of our aunties and uncles! Christmas is always spent their with lots of conversation and competitiveness in games, particularly with the males. Always cricket and handjacks. And cards too this year.

Dinner at Nan's was great. We all went nuts blowing blowers and popping poppers at the dinner table. Our guts were hurting from all the laughing! I love wearing the silly paper hats and how atrocious the jokes from the poppers are. We stayed in Warrnambool until the 29th staying with Nan. A good mini break.

Merry Christmas!