Wednesday, October 14, 2009

INK (sad bits warning)

So i want a tattoo.

I saw Simon twice after he died. The first time, the next day. I said to him pretty quickly, without any previous thought "I'm getting a tattoo for you." [ever wondered what you might say to the body of the person you love? I said I love you about a thousand times over and over. such an intense few minutes of my life I will never forget. it. sometimes I can think about it ok and others times.. my world stops when i really truly remember all the details.]


So I have been thinking for ages about what to get. Simon had a tattoo for his late brother Danny and I thought it was a beautiful way to remember him. (I think I also said that to him)
It's been almost 7 months since my boy left us (woah) so it's clearly not a decision I've rushed into.

I've decided on the basic design.. I just need to sit down with a tattoo artist and work on colours and placement/font for Simon's initials... SKW. Aren't they nice initials? Mine are lame.. HEB hehe.

But the main thing bothering me is... where on earth will I put this tattoo?!?!
I have had many ideas but none have sold me completely.

I don't want a 'tramp stamp' - middle of the lower back.
I don't want it to be somewhere super obvious that I can't cover if a job calls for it (sucks)
I do want it somewhere I can see it and somewhere I can show it when I want.

So these are not options -
neck (nape being considered though)

Any suggestions????

I can't wait to get it :)

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