Friday, May 22, 2009

New hair

Well not so new anymore. It's holding up fairly well six weeks later

Simon and I always joked that he liked blonde hair the best. Whenever we found a stray hair somewhere, we'd say accusingly 'IT'S BLONDE!' implying some blonde vixen had been around.

So when my lovely hairdresser cousin Juliet said 'let me know if there is anything I can do' , I said yep.. make me blonde!!!

Before you have a heart attack, don't worry, I could never go full blonde. I am definitely right as a brunette. I already had a filthy blonde patch from where my red or pink or whatever it was at the time had grown out, so I just got it done right. Funnily enough, when Juliet bleached it, it came out with pink all through it! The colour of fairy floss. But that faded quickly. So ta-da, here is my new duo coloured hair.

I really like it. I'm craving some pink though!! Could I pull off blonde and pink at the same time, that is the question.


  1. the blonde looks good on you!
    i just put blonde through my hair on tuesday !
    i like going blonde for winter. blonde for summer is too predictable!

    so excited for you to go to USA!
    what an experience!
    and a lonngg flight. hope you find some good books to read!
    hopefully you get good movies on the plane too. that makes a big difference!

  2. thank u :)
    yeah the flight is 14 hours. I'm slightly claustrophobic so I'm really looking forward to that, not.
    Apparently Qantas have good inflight entertainment and stuff, so hopefully!
    I might burst a vein I'll be that excited!!