Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Wow it's been a long time since I posted one of these!

For a time after Simon's death, I kind of lost my clothing mojo.
I didn't really care too much what I was wearing, as I'm sure you might understand - it didn't rank too highly in the list of priorities at the time.

Well that time didn't last forever and even though things are far from perfect, I once again love all things clothing related!

I went shopping NUTS in America on my holiday. WOW. If I didn't have to worry about baggage space (which I barely did anyway, oops) I would have went even more nuts. Everything was SO.MUCH.CHEAPER. than home and there was so much to choose from! I will definitely be hitting up the websites of my favourite stores!

Without any further ado, here are some ensembles (pronounced on-som-blahs of course) I've worn since my return from holiday. You will have to excuse the lame self taken photos.. I lost my photographer and haven't figured out a good way to do it yet.

dress - tempt
t-shirt - less than jake merch from NYC show <3
beads - who knows from years ago
shoes - shop in London with 'river' in the name

[engagement party]
top - Target, ages ago
(previously worn to job interviews, birthday dinners.. and Simon and Elly's funerals. I was brave enough to dig it out again)
skirt - dangerfield. i REALLY LIKE THIS SKIRT OMG. I'm having a high waisted moment.
same shoes. i kinda dig them.

dress- Kmart in 2006. both straps broke so I just tie them as a halter!
vest - valleygirl (only good thing I've ever got there)
boots - kmart. I love these boots so very much

I felt very 'me' in this outfit. the boots made it.

Notice my hair at all too? It's not purple. Or pink. Or red. It's brown, black and BLONDE! all the normally purple bits are blonde. I actually really like it. Will get Juliet to make it look more deliberate and less 'I let my colour wash out and have been left with bleached streaks'. Might keep it a bit brown/black/blonde for a while before my next planned change! oooooooooooo!

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