Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I got my lip pierced!

In Camden, London.
I love that I got it somewhere different and it's a good story :)

It was one of my favourite places of my whole trip.
It's very alternative and hip. Just loved it. I saw a tarot card reader and got my nails done for the first time ever. (not fakes just a manicure and a wicked paint job)

This is me being a photo whore trying to get a good pic of my new piercing and tried-for-the-first time red lipstick! I'm at the Westfield in Sheperd's Bush, London. I LOVE my piercing. It hurt a LOT and eating was really hard for a few days, but totally worth it! I still chomp on it a bit here and there and it hurts but it's getting better. Ooh and you get to see me with my glasses on. I whip them off 99.99% of the time for photos hehe.


  1. omg. where have you been? or have i just managed to miss your posts? sigh.

    looks great!

  2. thank u!

    i went away for 6 weeks. USA and London.
    will be posting about it soon!