Friday, April 9, 2010

iPhone photos

Going through my 'iPhone photos' folder on my computer, I realise that there are some hilarous, random and really great photos on there.

It's more of a spur of the moment thing to take a picture on your phone don't you think? Generally, if I take photos on my camera, it's because I've planned it, or I've gone out and taken my camera to make sure I get some pictures of the night out. (having said that, I carry my camera 24/7.. you never know!)

I thought I would start a big of a regular feature* displaying some photos from my iPhone. Yes, i type iPhone the 'correct' way. One of those silly compulsions, I'm sure you have some. Right?? It's not just me surely.

The pictures in my phone can probably be put into these categories
1. Jorja/Jorja and me
2. Friends

3. Places
4. Random stuff I love
5. Funny crap

Without any further ado, here is iPhone photo gallery number one!

Jorja wearing my one of my 'gaga' gloves and t-shirt i got her from San Fran.
and my sunnies (they are kids size damn my skinny head)

see, phone is perfect for random pics like this. having fun at sparties!
(more like been in spotlight for FAR TOO LONG, GET ME OUT OF HERE!)

CONTROVERSIAL. sunkist in can FTW. post mix fanta from maccas is the best version.
BOTH on offer at my fave dumplings place? outrageous!
Yes I have very strong opinions on the best way to drink orange soft drink.

jelly shots on grand final day with Snosha!

GAGA ooh la la. costume for halloween in LA.
not complete but you get the idea!

the coolest shop from my holiday. Loyal Army in Haight Ashbury, San Francisco.

There you have it!!

*regular feature. I would like to hope so. I'm not doing so well at 'regular' blogging but will do my best! this post has been fun. I LOVE a trip down memory lane :)


  1. hey hayleY!!! love your photos! your gaga outfit is amazing!!

    re: the shoes!
    I dont mean etnies
    i mean like this type of shoe

  2. ooh i see! agreed! they're gross.