Tuesday, April 20, 2010

meeting idols

This is me VERY EXCITED to meet members of my favourite band, Breaking Benjamin! In Wichita, Kansas. I flew back to the US from London to see them. It meant 7 flights in 3 days and a lot of money but MY GOSH was it worth it. They were amazing live, but best of all I got to meet them after the show. We had a chat and I got my beloved photos.

The top one is of Ben, the lead singer and 'main man' of the band. I was sooo beside myself to meet him, as you can see by my embarrassingly large grin. I tried to keep it cool but you can tell how happy I was by my smile hehe. I look different in each photo though huh!

They were all SO very nice, especially Chad and Mark (the other 2)
They took the time to chat to me and were super impressed at my efforts to get there!

I didn't get to chat with Aaron or get a photo with him, but that's ok, the others more than made up for it!


Ahhh BB I love you.

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