Tuesday, December 9, 2008



I love those moments when you think "Oh my gosh, I remember them/those/that!"

I've been wanting to do this post for a while, so gathering things in my brain.. but I've forgotten some, I'll add them when I remember!

I'm 22 so these memories aren't really from yesteryear or anything haha...

Remember getting a Coke yo-yo? Everyone knew they were the best.

Jelly shoes - my first and only pair $4. awesome.

Slap bands

Blowing bubbles.. always makes me happy

Playing on the swings.. with the monkey bars in the middle to hang and flip from

Pedal pushers - I used to love them so much when they 'came out' in Warrnambool where i grew up - i would point at anyone wearing them and shriek 'pedal pushers!!' the denim were the coolest. When i got my black (not denim) pair.. i was SO HAPPY.

Being jealous of kids with broken arms who got out of handwriting

Collecting crayon sharpening remnants because they were so cool!

Wearing socks over leggings. Especially scrunchy ones.

Skants - pants with the matching skirt over the top. The epitomy of cool, once.

Bending paper clips into hearts and wearing them in the 'V' of your school jumper

Butterfly hair clips. At least 10 in a messy bun.

For more things to giggle at, read Lady Smaggle's post...
When you were 14 years old.. what fashion item would you have sold your soul for?

One of my favourite blogs to spend time reading!


  1. is this you when you were little? super cute!
    i LOVE the cheezels tee!
    i'd wear it today.

    remember putting cheezels on every finger and then trying to shove em in your mouth? haha grossss.

    i also thought slap bands were da bomb. i'd try wear atleast 4 on each wrist.

  2. hi cotton socks, thanks for your comment :)

    This is me - I love this photo. i'd wear the dress now too, i'm not actually sure what print is on it...

    i'm holding cheezels. They are still so yum. And it's obligatory to wear them as rings!