Friday, December 5, 2008

Coloured Tights

Cardigan - Jay Jays
Singlet - free from a magazine
Skirt - Cotton On
Tights - Cotton On
Shoes - Target ($10!)

One of my fave things to wear. I wear leggings and tights a lot. My pink and purple ones are my favourite. I have just been given the idea from other blogs (a fair few actually!) to wear two pairs at a time..

I've put black underneath the purple and pink pairs. It's good because it takes away the skin colour coming through like you can see in the photo above. Compare that to how they look in this post. Much more of a block colour.
And it's very warm! Which isn't so great when you're dancing up a storm at Bang.. but a big plus at other times. So when winter rolls around again, I'll be ready with multiple pairs of tights!

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