Friday, December 12, 2008


My darling friend Liza knows my heart. Toddler socks with skulls! Bless.

How unreal are they!!!
Thanks love :)


  1. Are these for you? Or for potential babies?

    We have the mary-jane ones for Lacey, and the polka dot ones too. They're really good.

    I can't imagine that an adults feet would fit into them though.

    Perhaps you're really tiny though - and that apple wasn't large, in fact, it might be a really tiny apple and you're super tiny too.

    Ok. I needed more sleep. I'm clearly going insane. x

  2. Skulls rule! I like anything with skulls...Nice job Liza.

  3. Skulls do indeed rule!

    Nah i'm not a mutant tiny person Chantelle - good theory though! They are for future babies.. I actually almost teared up when she gave them to me. Tragic. Can't wait for babies! (but will be waiting.. years. lol)

  4. very cute.
    i want to buy these for my nephew but im not really sure his mum would be happy with him having skull socks!
    if it was me id defo have the kid in skull socks

  5. yeah i don't think all Mum's would like it.
    I would though (obviously) I also have little fluro yellow leggings with black skulls. (also richmond colours!)

    My mum has had to accept that Jorja (my 6 y.o sis) is going to get funky stuff, not all girly. She has a boys hoodie that is white with black stars all over it.

    She's the kinda kid who wears her boxer shorts all day though, so it's not like it'd go down well if I bought her a frilly dress lol. Jorja is so cool.