Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I am very lucky to have Nick and Jorja. I love them both sooooo much.
Look how different I am from the two of them. They are blonde and tanned whilst I am clearly not, but that's ok.

Check out Nick's beard, he's growing one for the first time he reckons. (hopefully first and last time!)

Some people say Nick and I are SO alike, whilst others ask if he's my boyfriend?? HAHA.
Meanwhile Jorja is just a little stunner and the coolest kid too.
And also, Nick is a giant. And also, my hair is getting so looooooooooooong woo hoo.


  1. what a lovely photo! jorja is a little stunner!

    i saw the new cadbury bubbles and i thought id try it but then i thought " doesnt it just taste like normal chocolate?" so i didnt try it.
    but maybe i will now. i wish there was a rasberry choc bubbles. mmmm yum

  2. make sure you try the mint one! a so called friend convinced me to try the chocolate one. no comparison!!