Saturday, June 13, 2009


When I was packing up stuff from our house, I found a new CD that Simon had bought.

Don't you fake it by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

We really, and I mean really, love their song 'Face Down' but we hadn't got much further than that. This album was the last thing Simon put on his Ipod, a couple of days before he died. (I only just figured this out.)

I've been listening to it for ages now. At first I just skipped between two songs 'Face Down' and 'Cat and Mouse' but I listen from start to finish now, in my car. 'Your Guardian Angel' is SUCH a good song also. These 3 have brought on some major tears. Which is fine. (very safe driving also)

So I just absolutely LOVE this album, and I thank Simon for bringing it into my life :)

It's funny how having good songs to listen to as you're driving makes things so much more bearable. I can listen to all the songs (even the three mentioned) now without crying (most of the time) - I have already come a long way, I can be a lot calmer about things - at least at the moment.

It's nice to think one of my coping strategies was given to me from Simon.

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  1. Agreed. One of the best bands ever, and their best album. Very deep and meaningful, yet still being uplifting. Good choice Simon!