Sunday, October 26, 2008


Red hair worked! Verrrry cool colour, I love it. Will try to post a photo.

thumbs up: my new red patch of hair! and excitement for our housewarming.
thumbs down: hm nothing atm, yay!


  1. Hey Hayley, I didn't know you had a blog. Thanks for the comment on mine. I'm glad you like the tops! Feel free to try any of them on, lady.

    Andandand, thanks for letting us into your lovely home. I had a great time (and I'm still impressed with the effort you went to with the decorations).

  2. hey! u didn't know it was me when u commented last time? I think I changed my name since anyway.. I dunno.. I'm a new blogger but it's quite addictive!
    I'm glad u enjoyed the party, thanks for coming, you're welcome anytime! And thanks, I'm glad the effort was appreciated.
    Also you might regret the offer haha. I'm thinking I might get a custom dress from u one day?