Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Had far too many late nights in a row! last nite i went to see my fave band simple plan. [haters laugh now.. and end]
i had a freakin sweet time, I was quite close to the front. Pretty proud to say I was definitely enjoying it the most of the people around me.. I can jump quite high when i want to evidently. And I defintely knew the most words.. old and new songs.. tsk tsk if you didn't. Also, being in the 'mosh' is a very interesting lesson in people and their habits. For example, don't push right up to the front rudely if you didn't stay there and wait. Anyone who tried to shove past me met with my back and strong resistance. NO DEAL! Also, don't.wear.thongs. seriously? how ridiculous. And don't get a prime position just to stand there and hug your boyfriend.. have some fun! With so many people dancing and jumping around you, how could you see properly anyway standing still... lame!
So I went with my bro Nick... he's a giant at 6ft5 so he was quite nice in letting a very vertically challenged girl in front of him. We also had a nice chat as we sank some bevvies before the show. We managed to catch The Getaway Plan's final song.. too busy talking lol.... So YAY, SP!

Had an exhausting day.. had a funeral to attend. Don't want to go on about it really, bit of a downer... love you russell and we will all really miss you and your cheeriness and caring nature.

thumbs up: our couch. i love it. i'm sitting on it... couldn't think of anything else.
thumbs down: an error notice coming up each time i post a blog entry. it works anyway but ggrr.. is that normal?

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