Thursday, October 23, 2008


I don't really have that much to say today... I got my dress from etsy wooo.
it's pretty cool! It may be a bit big in the skirt part but i'll try to figure that out.
all in all it's very cute. so tonight is one of those nights were we had 1-3 plans and
ended up doing none of them. 1. was to dye our hair (me and simon i'm talking about here)
2. maybe check out new shoppo or 3. watch a movie.
real night? simon sleeping on the couch (which is good, he really needs the sleep, stressful week.. and he'd be comfy, our couch is the bomb) and i'm on the laptop! that's ok tho.. got a big weekend coming up so glad for the rest.
I really need a haircut.. i think it's been 5-6 months since i've had one whhhew. My hair has grown a crapload. it was this short
And that's actually probably with an inch of growth...
now it's nearly as long as it's ever been.. it's been nipple length roffle. so
nearly there. i usually get too annoyed by long hair and chop it to shoulder length but i'm persevering this time. gonna grow it as long as possible to experience it, say h'hey my hair is mega long' and then chop it probs for good. i think shoulder-ish length is good. although if I could rock hair like pink's, that would be so great.
also, hurry up and wash out purple, i want red now!!!
gosh enough about hair perhaps.
first photo upload how excitement, wonder what it will look like.
also, gonna have a garage sale. if you wanna get rid of some shit, combine and sell!
we're selling a heap of clothes.

thumbs up: simon's sausage rolls.. good job bebe,
thumbs down: house envy.. haha. all in good time Hailz.

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