Monday, October 20, 2008

need to sleep

ebut first i want to document how happy I am that my mixed netball team were last night crowned division 1 premiers!!! YES!! If you know me, you know my netball is very important to me... so I'm really glad we won. also because we narrowly beat our biggest rivals.. we hate them lol. they were the only team to beat us all season, 1 loss. Domination, Thunderstruck!!! (i love our team name, good job self for thinking of it). Also my brothers team played their mixed final tonight and won!!! And nick got MVP - he is a star netballer... so all round great season for us 'bashells'!!

ooooh and i got my costume for our housewarming in the mail today. i'm soooo relieved, it's perfect! I'm getting really excited for the party, it should be awesome!!

thumbs up: winning grand finals of course! :)
thumbs down: pat hurting his leg, gggaaayyy!

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