Thursday, January 1, 2009


our first xmas tree :)

This is how I spent my Christmas.. I love this time of celebration!!

Christmas Eve was spent at Mum and Gary's (stepdad) house with Gary's family. Dinner was super yum.. all the usual Christmas delights.. I put so much on my plate and usually wouldn't get close to finishing (the old 'eyes are bigger than the belly' thing) but this year I stayed committed and finishing the whole damn plate. and it was fantabulous.

Up at 7.10 am for presents! Jorja is 6, so gets uber excited about Santa and all the jazz, so Christmas morning is always fun.

Then down to Warrnambool for Xmas with all my family.. Nick and I got confused by the new Geelong bypass roads and decided we were going the wrong way when we weren't and wasted an hour and a half and screamed at each other.. but we got there in the end!

So Dad's family is HUGE.. he is one of eleven. And there are 30 grandkids
As Dad's family is so huge you never get to see everyone, but we did pretty well this year! I think we actually saw all of our aunties and uncles! Christmas is always spent their with lots of conversation and competitiveness in games, particularly with the males. Always cricket and handjacks. And cards too this year.

Dinner at Nan's was great. We all went nuts blowing blowers and popping poppers at the dinner table. Our guts were hurting from all the laughing! I love wearing the silly paper hats and how atrocious the jokes from the poppers are. We stayed in Warrnambool until the 29th staying with Nan. A good mini break.

Merry Christmas!

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