Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catch up

On a few outfits I've worn lately...

Yep let's do the photo in the carpark after a movie. We saw Yes Man. We all liked it!

Cardi - Cotton On
T-shirt - Jay Jays
Silver dress (underneath) - Tempt
Striped dress/top - Jay Jays
Tights - ??
Boots - ?? Wittner or something. I adore them!!
Pink heart necklace - Supre. been worn to death!

Hiding! Out for a day shopping

Black T - Dotti
Tie Dye dress - thrifted! cotton on are selling a top/dress in the same colours. suffer, i got it for $4 haha.
Shorts - Kmart
Sandals - Cotton On

This was going with Mum to take Jorja to her grandparents house an hour or so away.

Cardi - Cotton On (getting a bashing eh!)
Black top - Jay Jays
Stripey T - Billabong
Shorts - Kmart
Leggings - Supre
Shoes - shop at Pac Fair, QLD

This was out to dinner for a friends 21st. Excuse the ridiculous expression, I was giving Simon some instruction! I love the shoes I'm wearing here. Green wedges. Need a photo of the back to see why they're so cute.

Cardi - Cotton On
Top - heidi&seek
Jeans - Gripp
Shoes - Target

and there you have it!


  1. Nice outfits dude!!!!!!! Jim Carrey rules, I want to see that movie "Yes Man".

  2. thanks couch shopper! very nice of you.

    yeah how good is Jim Carrey. Liar Liar is a great movie, love it! Also the scene in Ace Ventura when he's bouncing all over the place in the car and when they pan out he's driving on a freeway. HAHAHAHA. I laughed so hard. I must watch that whole movie!