Friday, January 9, 2009

Tip #1

So I said in my very first entry that this blog may contain ideas for around the home... Since you know, owning a home for 8 months makes me an expert.

I bought a book today called Spotless. It has a follow up titled How To Be Comfy (which I bought first) by Shannon Lush and Jennifer Flemming. (good names!)

Spotless tells you how to get just about ANY stain off ANY fabric/item. It's unbelievable the stuff you can fix. So I thought I'd share the tip on getting the 'musty' smell out of items, predominate in clothes/material you might buy from op-shops/secondhand.

Problem: Musty smell on clothes.
What to use: Teabag.

How to apply: The musty smell is caused by dust mites and mildew. To get rid of it, put a tea bag into the washing machine after the water has filled, but before it starts agitating. (moving around) Hold the bag in the water for 2 minutes then remove. The tannins in the tea kill dust mites. If you suffer dust mite allergy, keep a damp tea bag in a plastic bag in your handbag to sniff when you're in second-hand stores. It will stop you from sneezing.

There you have it. I hope someone finds that helpful. I know I will anyway.

These books are gold, really.

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  1. I saw that book in Angus and Robertson and thought it looked cool. Thanks for the tip!