Monday, February 16, 2009

New Hair!

I do apologise if hair is boring for you. My hair is never boring.. at least, it's always changing!

Right now, it's black! And my 'trademark' colour patch is red. Which always looks pink very quickly. I say trademark coz my friends keep telling me that I'm now known for my coloured hair and it's my 'thing'.. my trademark!

so here is me in my black and red / essendon hair glory....

looking emo*

with Babbie as La-La. It's tradition to do a blue steel and a smiley photo.
I'm the queen of hearts again, more evil-ed up for a rockin good v evil party

*i swear i'm not emo.

** i do love black and red hair though.

ooh and my blog takes up the whole screen almost now. have wanted that for ages, finally figured it out haha.


  1. i like the new darker hair ! it suits u !
    u kind of look like lindsay lohans younger sister.

  2. thank u!
    hmm i can actually see the similarities there.. u know how usually people say you look like celebrities and ur like 'wtF!!!'

  3. yes totally!
    ive had so many random celebrity lookalike comments
    from hillary duff to reese witherspoon to julia stiles to paris hilton
    i look like NONE of them at all !
    trusttttttt me!

  4. Black + Red = Best team in the world! No wonder why you like the colours.