Monday, February 23, 2009

Bash Stash

I really wanted to do a post.. I wasn't sure what though, so I looked through some old photos for inspiration!

This was taken in January 08, Liza and I went for a holiday in QLD, staying right in Surfers. This was taken after a day shopping at Pacific Fair.

I was so stoked with my haul. I'll see how smart my purchases were now, a year later :)

1. Black and white checked hat I'm wearing. Worn maybe once. I never think hats look any good (on me)
2. Black and white spotty dress - good buy. I got 4 dresses & 1 top for $100. Have worn it to the races and a family party.
3. White dress - have worn once. It's white and tight. I should've known I'd decide to change at the last minute whenever I attempted it!
4. Grey dress - GREAT buy. Have worn it heaps. Comfy and cute.
5, Black dress with sequins. Yet to wear, but try it on heaps. I don't know if it's that flattering.
6. White hat. Never worn. See #1.
7. Green Havianas, great except I've lost em somewhere!
8. Silver shoes - great, love em!
9. Jewellery - none a real big success, but I can't really see them closely.

Lesson learnt and still being learnt.

Think hard before you spend those hard earned $$$$$$, Bash!!

Off to watch the Oscars. Will post about my fave dresses tomoz or sometime I think.


  1. Its holiday shopping it doesn’t count...I think! That’s what I’ve been told anyway.