Friday, February 6, 2009

17 Food Quirks of Mine

Chantelle, the very cool owner of blog fat.mum.slim offered the challenge to talk about our food quirks. I didn't know if I could think of many. I did!

1. I love eating a Jaffa and a Raspberry together. Try it!

2. I love pretty much ham and cheese everything. I have a ham & cheese focaccia from the cafe at work for lunch almost every day. They remove the tomato for me - YUCK.

3. I can't stand peas. They are so disgusting to me. And mushy peas??? makes my stomach turn.

4. I refuse to eat Wizz Fizz other than traditionally - out of the pack with the plastic spoon. Not the same any other way. My brother Nick and I used to argue about the different characters on the pack - he swore each one meant a different flavour. I swore they all tasted the same. Anyone have an opinion on that?

5. I love sweetened condensed milk. mmmmmmm. haven't had it for years though.

6. Mum's choc chip cookie dough is probably the yummest thing ever.

7. I have the SAME THING at Subway EVERY TIME. Chicken pieces, salami, lettuce, onion, carrot, caesar and mayo (plenty), salt and pepper. I once vowed never to eat Subway. Now I'm a devoted Subwayer lol.

8. I adore the froth on the top of hot chocolates. I'm more than happy to have half a cup of creamy froth. White hot chocolates are the best.

9. I can't tolerate much fruit. Which sucks. I like granny smith apples and grapes.

10. The smell of tuna makes me want to vomit. Once when we were in primary school, we had tuna mornay for lunch. Nick had some leftover to take home and it spilt in his school bag. We were too scared to tell Mum, so Nick just shoved the bag in his wardrobe and left it. IMAGINE that smell ages later. Holy hell. Even without that story, the smell.. ugh. ugh!!!!

11. Give me a garden salad with cheese... and I'll pick out the cheese and leave the rest.

12. I'm fairly game.. I'll try most things.

13. I can't really do sushi.. avocado yuck. weird looking meat, no thanks.

14. I only eat chicken breast. And I love the stuffing from a whole chicken.

15. I dislike nuts, but LOVE Magnum Almonds :)

16. In year 12, I used to buy a Curly Wurly and 50c (10) worth of red frogs every day. So good to suck on the frogs sneakily, and great together too!

17. I hate tomato. Raw, in particular. It is banned from the shop I manage!

Anyone else want to share their food quirks?


  1. You're funny!

    I've never had white hot chocolate but will have to give it a whirl. x

  2. hey hayley bash,
    your not near the fires are u?
    let us know that u are okay.

  3. hi cotton socks, thanks for your concern.

    the closest fires to me were in Upper Ferntree Gully. we were safe. We know people who have lost their homes though, so sad.

    i can't believe how devastating these fires have been. it's totally awful.

  4. there were fires in UFG? thats kind of near my parents.
    i was really hoping thered be no fires near the sherbrook forest and the dandenongs.
    so sad.
    so so sad :(
    two of my friends were there all yesterday and all last nite doing body counts and searching for dead bodies. i feel so bad for them as well. thats something they will never get out of their heads :(
    so so sad.

    im relieved to hear you are okay though!

  5. Wow.. the search for the bodies would be unbelievably hard. I hope your friends are ok. They are doing a very painful, but necessary and noble thing.

    I can't believe the death toll will probably be 200+ .. and that at least half the fires were deliberately lit. how revolting.

    i've very touched by your concern and relief :)

    I'm going to clear out my wardrobe and donate some clothes, our local Bunnings is accepting them and forwarding them on. It's just a little effort that we could all do I guess. Told Mum to do it too!