Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bash is in love...

...with the gorgeous, amazing, unbelievable, pretty, funky and SWEET AS creations at these two Etsy shops...

This jewellery is so fun!
Ouma Clothing
I want several party dreses, like... now.

I demand someone purchase me something from them for my birthday! Which is in March.

(are u reading Simon? xxx)


  1. I love Stoopedgurl stuff! So cute and kitsch. x

  2. the sprinkles resin ring is cute !!

    btw i started to read the twilight book. but i saw the movie first. hehe.
    i keep picturing the characters from the movie!
    im only up to page 15 so no verdict yet!

  3. ooh i hope you enjoy twilight!

    I'm finished the series now. That's a bugger you can't picture the characters the way you want, but also a good thing considering how great looking Edward is. And Jacob.


  4. jacob is kinda weird looking!! i think its the button nose
    after twilight i wanted to be really pale.
    ok i still do.
    twilight make pale look so so hot.
    i heard that dakota fanning might be in the next movie.
    that will be weird

  5. yeah i'm fairly pale.. don't make it look that good though! haha.

    yeah dakota fanning as jane apparently. would be very odd. once you know what jane is like. i think vanessa hudgens or whoever from high school musical is rumoured too.. as Leah. that's even worse! ugh.