Saturday, November 1, 2008

Housewarming and etc

The night finally arrived! There was a mad rush for Simon and I to get ready before guests started arriving, but we got there!

I was the Queen of Hearts:

and Simon was an Evil Jester.

There were some quality costumes from our invitees.. we had Shrek, zombies, gorilla, gypsy, ladybug, Mr incredible, devil fairy, angel, pirate, gangster, vampire, cross dressers, lara croft, a devil.. and lots of various scary/killer types!

I bought way too much food, so will have to host a gathering to chow through it! I can't believe how annoying the weather was though.. it drizzled on and off most of the night.. and it's been so lovely lately! ggrr. But we made do, hooray for the garage. I think the setup worked alright. I love having parties!

Today I did some work in a kitchen, preparing food for the spring racing carnival. Simon and I are happy to pick up extra work if we can, we want to do some work to our kitchen. (and save for a holiday, and buy a new bed, and get central heating/cooling and, and and). I didn't mind it really.. I've never handled so much chicken in my life haha. It was easy work.. weighing/coating/skewering chook.

BIG week.. Going to be pretty tired after shop work, nannying, party, saturday work, sunday work & netball, monday shop & nannying and gig that night, tuesday going to the cup. I think I'll be pretty pooped on Wednesday! Don't mind being busy though.

Speaking of the cup (which my extremely cool uncle justin is taking me to) WHAT CAN I WEAR??! I wore a gorgeous black and white dress last year (wanted to post a pic but it won't let me...?) and I love it so much.. but I want something new. And preferably a bit more wearable.. I have to check my cleavage far too much in this dress lol. I'm hoping something in my wardrobe will inspire me. I really should've thought about it sooner but just been too preoccupied!

This is quite a long post. My next post will be about change I think. i've always been good adapting to change.. I really go with the flow, which I like. I think I've changed a lot lately, and my mind has been opened to new things even in the last fortnight which will be good to write down.

YAY: enjoyed our party!
BOO: high heels hurt.

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