Saturday, November 22, 2008

city city

Simon and I are off to the city this arvo. His work Christmas part is tonight. Last year it was 25K on
the tab - food and drink galore! So my hopes are high that tonight will be very fun indeed.
We have booked a hotel room so we can make the most of the weekend and not have to bother with a taxi home.

I have finally put my camera in to be fixed!!! It had 2 days left on it's manufacturers warranty - phew!
I did purchase an extended warranty tho, if I had have been a bit more lazy it would've been ok, but I figure the manufacture's warranty is even better. So not too much longer without my camera hopefully!
I do have my brother Nick's tho, he barely uses it. I bought it for him for his 21st birthday in July. It's not a bad little camera, although I'm convinced it takes shocking photos of me, I always look really red.

So I'll have some outfit photos in the next few days. I want a different word than 'outfit' - I hardly wear anything special enough for such a word. What can it be.. Maybe I'll just suck it up and use the damn word lol.

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