Saturday, November 8, 2008

theme parties

I've been to many! I'm going to upload a photo of all the costumes I've worn..
Most of the were in 2007.

50's rock and roll.
Tops from my wardrobe. Supre headband worn around neck. Hired belt and poodle skirt. Bought high wedge heeled canvas shoes from op-shop, they're hilarious.

'James Bond 007'
- hard. We all just got very dressed up. I had a big gun and little 'spy pack'.. with a fake passport, grenade and other crazy little gadgets I can't remember. The gun was a hit. It yelled stuff and shot lasers. It broke that night. Silly rough boys. I love this dress. It's verrry tight over the bust on me! It's from Valley Girl (where I have 2 items from) The second time I wore it one of the straps broke..ugh.. turning it into strapless. Needs to be fixed.

'Dress as your hero'
I am Brett Lee (love love love him) and my brother Nick is Angus from AC/DC. It was hard trying to get an authentic cricketer look on a budget!
The top and hat came from Vic Markets. You can't get official pants or shorts (I tried very hard anyway) so I settled on boxer shorts! lol. I even made an Allan Border Medal (brett had just won it.) yes I am very tragic. And i was blonde (wig) for the first time ever. My costume was convincing, a friend overseas commented it was lovely my friend's brother made a speech. It was me. LOL.

'Pirate and Wenches'
Everything from my wardrobe.. an easy costume, just add $2 shop accessories!

Sorry this looks so lame, had to cut people out. Clothes from Op-Shop. Scarf around head from Lincraft.

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