Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have ALWAYS been a big lover of clothes.
I don't have one certain look. If you looked for 'genres' in my wardrobe you'd easily find

I feel good in converse, jeans and a band T.
I feel good in a pretty dress with sandals.
I try not to look boring.
I do try to look coordinated.

I pretty much only shop in chain stores and shopping centres. I have defnitely got better of late in only buying things that are versatile. Not buying tops in every colour just coz they're cheap. When I was younger, I'd do that. When supre was more cheap and nasty (still is, but not as much as I remember) I'd just find a top I liked and buy it in a few colours.

I think I'm starting to become a better shopper and a better dresser. For a few reasons.

1. I'm 22 and have better shopping habits
2. I have been utterly inspired by numerous blogs I've stumbled upon. I wish I'd discovered these fantastic blogs before now. I spend far too long trawling through them, seeing others girls outfits and ideas.
3. I am far more open to handmade, recycling, one of a kind designs and op-shopping. It's actually taking up far too much brain time how much I want to alter my clothes and go to op shops and markets.

All this took was being shown one top on one website and it's actually changed everything!

I will never be one of the naturally stylish, fabulous, original girls who look so great they can write a whole blog about it, but i can be someone who admires them and listens to their message.

So my new wardrobe thinking is very refreshing. Also, I have a mortgage you know!??! (my excuse for everything which is quite a joke amongst my friends now) so SAVING MONEY is always very welcome. And I would say op-shopping, altering and recycling saves money. And makes me feel a little bit good about not spending my money on disposable fashion.

SO. After all that. I have made a few op-shop purchases recently, and I must say they make me far more excited than anything I can remember buying new recently.

I got a beautiful skirt for $7. It's a kids size but is actually too big for me (cheers for that confidence boost lol) I played with it in front of the mirror and it looked best when i tightened it and tied it with a hair-tie (lol) and wore it as a high waisted skirt. It's a very gorgeous aqua and gold pattern.

A black and grey striped jumper. It's a guys top but very cool. I love black and grey. I think it will look good with skinny leg jeans and chucks.

A mens shirt in a great green/blue/black pattern. I think I'll bring it in to wear as a dress (as in, get mum to alter it for me lol)

A great black belt. The type to cinch in the waist. $1.50

A pair of heels which I wore with my queen of hearts costume. $4.

See how even those items are all different?

I guess it's ok to look different yeah.. I don't have to always have a certain look or style do I? I think it's kind of driven into us that you have to have a 'style'.

I think wearing what you love is style itself.

To end, I've always wished I was a gifted sewer. like my Mum, she is professional. I'm going to get her to teach me, yay!!!


The online shop that started it all:

heidi & seek on etsy

The most inspiring <3


  1. Hayley, thank you!

    I'm so glad I helped you rethink your approach to clothing.

    I was pretty much the same as you, I used to buy cheap and buy often. But now I know better. My wallet and my wardrobe are better off for it too.

  2. You're welcome! I'm enjoying challenging myself to say 'no you don't need it!' it doesn't work every time, but much more than it used to!