Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cup Day!

I went to the cup today with my fabulous uncle Justin. He's a very generous, hilarious man. He's also gay, single and childless which means his nieces and nephews (all 30 of us!) get spoilt. Hence, my 2nd Melbourne Cup in a row. I would have to say i did my hair THE BEST I've ever seen my hair in 22 years. Definitely the best DIY-style I remember. Go me! Wish my camera wasn't screwed so I could upload a photo. Really must get it fixed.

I have a bit of sunburn on my neck.. dammit! I HATE being burnt. I have two things I really can't stand people willingly doing to their bodies.. burning their skin and smoking cigarettes. Sorry to anyone offended, but also not. Thus, I'm mad I forgot sunscreen. Thank GOSH there is SPF in my foundation, I couldn't stand having a burnt face.

There were many interesting sites to see today at Flemington. Very disappointed the only person of note I saw was John Elliot (former president of the carlton football club) - boring!! The best part of the day for me is looking at what everyone is wearing - the girls particularly of course. Today I feel there weren't too many bad hats/fascinators - lots of really cute ones. There were girls wearing dresses certainly not suited for their shape/size. I hope I wasn't one of them lol. It's got to be one of the biggest crimes out there in the clothing world, not dressing for your body. I try to be conscious of it... I'm not the rake I once was, but I can still wear mostly what I want I guess. I think I'm sometimes too harsh on myself and veto certain outfits when I should just embrace my figure and wear whatever! But that is another long debated subject, good old body image.

All this talk about clothes is going to bring me to a new post.

BTW, i did terrible betting. Got 1 third and 1 second - and Justin picked the 2nd!

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