Sunday, January 3, 2010


I'm writing a list of things I would like to achieve in 2010.
I will add it to the side of my blog (does that have a name??) so I can always see it and you
can track my progress if you so desire. I've never done anything like this before so I'm unsure how successful a motivational tool it will be, but I am excited at the prospect of checking things off the list! Some are big achievements, others very small. Some are things to do, some are things to buy, to learn, some are personal growth tasks, others mundane life-y things!

1. New Car!
2. Weekend in Perth with my lovely cousin Janelle and her lovely fiance Matt.
3. Keep up a skincare regime.
4. Holiday. At least 2 weeks away. I now know how great a break is.
5. Keep having sewing lessons and sew myself some garments.
7. Write my business plan and organise as much as possible.
8. Get my finances 100% sorted so owning my house isn’t so stressful.
9. tie die my white jeans and turn them into skinnies.
10. Experiment with some different jewellery for my new beloved lip piercing.
11. Keep my car clean (esp when I get a new one!)
12. Learn some eye make up techniques.
13. Get good at painting my nails and master the kit I recently acquired in Vegas.
14. Work on my book idea. Or possible blog idea.
15. Try to learn some photo editing. Or cheat and get photoshop and Sheye Rosemeyers actions.
16. Blog regularly.
17. Appreciate what I have.

A lot of these I can blog about and post photos of my progress, yay!


  1. i havent even considered to do new year resolution type things.
    i wish i could keep my car clean.
    i propose that it is close to impossible without paying someone to do it for you.
    my formula is putting everything in the boot and then paying someone at a shopping centre to clean it and then every few months putting the stuff from the boot in a box and hide it away in the shed.
    but actually, thats bad advice.
    dont listen to me
    good luck with all your goals!

  2. haha you are hilarious. I'm HOPELESS at keeping my car clean. I am definitely a culprit of moving all the crap to the boot! but the car I'm buying has been kept SO IMMACULATE by my friend I'm buying it from, that I hope I will feel guilty if I mess it up. We'll see!

  3. I can't wait to see you cross off these on your list. xx

    Oh, and I'm the same with my car. It's like a disaster zone at the moment. Ugh. I'll get there...