Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Festive Season

So I'm posting a little out of order... I haven't even told about my holiday yet! But here is a bit of a look at my Christmas and New Years celebrations.

Jorja and I - Xmas day
Could this girl be any cuter. I am tickling her here and if it was me
giggling I would look hideous, Jorja looks SO CUTE. I love this kid!

Jorja's new pogo stick from Santa. I did 305 jumps in a row. Winner!

My family. Mum, Gary, Nick and Jorja.
[look how pale I am compared to them! aurgh! i'm the porcelain brunette one of the bunch ha.]


BFF's Hailz and Dowey. wish i'd smiled for this one but oh well.

oh yeah! pool party!

no more new years photos, it was too hot for attractive pictures!

It was a very fun festive season for Hayley Bash :)

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  1. looks like so much fun, happy new year!