Saturday, January 9, 2010


10. Experiment with some different jewellery for my new beloved lip piercing.

I changed to a ring last night. I love it. But WOW IT HURT. Thank god I got a professional to do it for me. Turns out I had a 14 gauge bar in there, when 16 is the standard. So it was bigger than usual - big enough for a belly button! IN MY FACE. Thanks dudes in London! So I got a smaller ring. It took four goes to loosen the ball and then she had to put a catheter through the hole before she put the jewellery in since it's still a pretty fresh piercing. IT HURT SO MUCH. More than the actual piercing because the whole process was drawn out! Ugh!!

Will upload a picture once I have a decent one.

Also one change probably doesn't count as 'experimenting' but it's a start! Plus it hurt so much me thinks I will keep this one for a while!

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