Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Hair

totes the most used title on my blog haha.

this one was long overdue! I let my colour fade out when I got home from my holiday. I read back on some old posts and saw that I thought I might stay a bit blonde for a while. Um, no. I stuck to my original plan. But I just couldn't go shorter. I literally teared up a bit when I forced myself to consider what it would be like cutting my hair and having it shoulder length. Strangely, I think it's a bit of an attachment/coping thing. I don't think I'm tough enough to cope with that radical change at the moment. Possibly that I've been forced to deal with so much change lately, that I don't want to choose another. It does now have layers framing my face though which is cool. The longest layer is still really long.

Having said that, it's still pretty darn different! I LOVE IT. I find it's a bit hard to get my fringe sitting right as it's been sooo long since I've had a blunt fringe. But I've had nothing but tons of compliments, so it must be alright eh!

Big thanks to my cousin Juliet for doing it. She is the hair MASTER!


and you can check out the lip ring also. no more pain from chomping on the jewellery while eating. YAY!

it's not fair the my 7 year old sister is uberly more attractive than me. LOOK AT HER. stunning.
i definitely need eye liner with this heavy haircut!

see how it's not sitting just right?
i covered all the doors upstairs with photos <3

i am greeted with this door whenever I go into the bathroom. you can see Simon features prominently! i LOVE these doors. great idea self. i'll probs do most photos in front of them. I'm training Jorja to take outfit shots ROFFLE. She's pretty good so far! complains less than Simon did hahaha. sorry beb.


  1. it looks great!
    love the photo doors too. cute idea that will make u smile.
    cant wait to see your outfit shots taking by your sister.
    she might be a budding young photographer.